Technology “1:15 p.m. on Saturday”. Positive altitude

“1:15 p.m. on Saturday”. Positive altitude

The Hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard, located in Switzerland on a border pass with Italy at an altitude of 2,473 meters, was founded almost a thousand years ago to house travelers who had to cross the Alps. Visitors go up there today only for the beauty of the place, to go hiking …

Canons, four men and a woman, live up there. This small community in contact with the outside world always has the mission of welcoming visitors. Fifteen other lay people live in the house to maintain it.

Cut off from the world eight months a year

The magazine 1:15 p.m. on Saturday (Twitter, #1:15 p.m.) went to meet those who lead an unusual life, cut off from the world for eight months a year, when the motorable road that goes up there is buried in snow. During this very long winter, this large refuge is the goal of snowshoeing or ski touring.

For this document signed Emmanuelle Chartoire, David Geoffrion, Arnaud Béruel and Anne Cohen, the “1:15 pm” shared a few days in the life of the inhabitants of the hospice. Open every day of the summer, the hospice museum also presents visitors with the centuries-old history of the Great Saint Bernard.

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