Top Stories $20 million prevents the start of unloading oil from the tanker “Safer”

$20 million prevents the start of unloading oil from the tanker “Safer”

The United Nations announced the removal of all political, security and logistical obstacles to the process of starting the transfer of oil from the tanker “Safer” anchored off the coast of Hodeidah to a new ship, leaving only $20 million to be raised to implement the operation.

David Grisley, the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen, confirmed that a great stride has been made in the neutralization process of the tanker “Safer”, and said: “We have come a long way in the process of purchasing and rescuing the transport of oil. We are ready and we need 144 million dollars to implement the operation in two phases.”

Gressly revealed that the United Nations has managed to raise about 60 million dollars so far for the emergency phase to save the tanker “Safer”, while there is a gap of 20 million dollars that prevents starting the process, which will avoid the Red Sea region and the bordering countries, a major environmental and humanitarian disaster.

Regarding the start of the transfer process, the Humanitarian Coordinator clarified that if “we obtain funding, we need 9 weeks from the start of the process to transfer the oil to a new vessel. As for the process of purchasing the temporary vessel to keep the oil, we have a set of options, and this is not an obstacle. As for the second phase in July ( We will determine the long-term options.”

And Grisley expressed his hope that $ 5 million in funding will be mobilized through the campaign, which will be launched today on social media through the United Nations websites. While he avoided talking about the oil revenues on board the tanker “Safer”, indicating that the issue is political, and that the oil will not be sold but will be placed in another ship in order to protect it, and this gives us time for months or years to discuss the issue of selling it in the future.


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