Infotech 2021, the year of the renationalization of the RSA?

2021, the year of the renationalization of the RSA?

It’s the kind of Christmas present that doesn’t make you happy. The number of beneficiaries of the RSA, the active solidarity income, for the first time passed the symbolic bar of 2 million people – there are even nearly 2.1 million beneficiaries, according to the latest figures released on 23 December by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. That’s 200,000 more people in just one year. Suffice to say that it is unheard of since the creation of its ancestor the RMI by Michel Rocard, thirty years ago.

The RSA is a shield against great poverty for people without resources. It cannot be said that its amount is high – 564 euros only for a single person. But the increase in the number of beneficiaries causes a boom in expenditure estimated at 1 billion euros, mainly at the expense of the departments.

Departments more affected than others

However, there are territories more affected than others. The number of RSA beneficiaries has increased by 8.5% in France but the increase often exceeds 12% in the Paris suburbs, in already poor departments. The increase is even spectacular in tourist areas: + 18% in the Alpes-Maritimes or Corsica, + 21% in Haute-Savoie, where ski resorts are closed.

The departments are struggling to cope because the state compensates the expenses, but up to only 60%. The Court of Auditors sounded the alarm in a report published on December 15: in 2021, the

To read the remaining 78%,
test the offer at 1 € without obligation.

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