Infotech 30,000 new nursery places, a promise that is fading away

30,000 new nursery places, a promise that is fading away

The end of the year is conducive to reviews. Where is the government with its promise to build 30,000 new nursery places during the five-year term? The subject is important because the nursery is not only a form of childcare for children from 2 months to 3 years old. A place in a crèche is also a factor of equal opportunities for a child, as the first years are decisive in its construction. A place in a crèche makes it possible to fight against poverty, because too often, one of the parents has to give up working if he cannot find an economical childcare arrangement. A place in a crèche also helps to reduce pay inequalities between women and men, since it is often women who interrupt their professional life.

Yes, we can eradicate the poverty of single mothers

So many good reasons to build nurseries… and to regret that the government commitment has been so late. To achieve its goal, it would need to build 7,500 new places per year. However, there were 1,700 in 2018, then 2,560 in 2019, according to Vincent Mazauric, the director general of the National Family Allowances Fund, heard at the end of October in the Senate. We are

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