Top Stories 36 donors pledge about $1.3 billion to Yemen

36 donors pledge about $1.3 billion to Yemen

36 donors pledged nearly $1.3 billion for the humanitarian response in Yemen at the conference hosted by the United Nations on Wednesday with Sweden and Switzerland.
The United States announced $584.60 million, the European Commission $173.03 million and Germany $123.60 million.

The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, had appealed to all donors during the Pledges for Yemen Conference to “contribute generously” to lift millions out of poverty, destitution, hunger and disease. The humanitarian response plan will include well-coordinated programs to reach 17.3 million people with $4.27 billion in assistance.

This funding will provide nutrition to nearly seven million people; water, sanitation, hygiene and protection for more than 11 million people; health care for nearly 13 million people; and education for more than five million children.

“Your donations are an essential lifeline for the Yemeni people,” Guterres said.

He added, “I thank the governments of Sweden and Switzerland for hosting this conference together once again, and I also thank the representatives of governments and organizations present with us today for your solidarity with the Yemeni people.”


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