Infotech 5G is not yet fully deployed, but 6G is already being organized!

5G is not yet fully deployed, but 6G is already being organized!

5G is launched in France, accompanied by controversies. At the same time, the telecommunications industry is already at work to develop 6G. Your technological research institute b com is one of the committees which are in the process of defining it. Is this really reasonable when large areas in France do not yet have 4G and 5G is still embryonic?

Bertrand Guilbaud and Mathieu Lagrange: Let’s take a step back. Operators launched 4G in 2012, and in 2013, we started working on 5G. 4G has continued to progress and improve over the years. The 4G of 2020 is no longer that of 2012 and it will be the same with 5G. In technology, we create the foundations, then we continue to move forward: these are cycles that last about ten years. To work on 6G today is to imagine what 6G will be in ten years, it is to think about our future needs.

The development process is to bring together representatives of all countries, who make their respective needs known, and defend their technological and societal visions. It will be necessary to combine all these ideas to arrive at a coherent standard for the planet. 5G was designed by the IUT (International Telecommunications Institute), which brings together 195 nations. These countries have decided together that it should be a very high speed network, with lower latency, allowing objects to be connected. With each technological generation, the great prin


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