Entrepreneur 727 Sailbags raises 1 million to expand its network of recycled sails

727 Sailbags raises 1 million to expand its network of recycled sails

Recycling used boat sails requires technical know-how. It goes through cleaning, deburring damaged parts and then cutting to arrive at pieces with a unique surface area of ​​3 meters by 1.30 meters, with which 727 Sailbags creates models of bags, backpacks, saddlebags, clothing and decorative items such as lamps, ottomans or cushions. The assemblies are made with other materials, such as linen and leather. To expand its sales network, the company has just completed a raise of 1 million euros subscribed by the Mer Invest fund, an offshoot of the Banque Populaire Grand Ouest group, the Everial company, whose owner is passionate about the sea, and a few business angels.

“We have four stores in Lorient, Vannes, La Baule and Cannes, and we want to create at least one per year in France or abroad”, announcement Matthieu Bimbenet, who co-manages 727 Sailbags with Nicolas Veto. A first store was opened in the United States at the port of Annapolis, in the State of Maryland, and others will follow in North American marinas.

Also in carbon fiber

In order to expand its ranges, the models of which are all registered, the company, based in the port of Lorient (Morbihan), begins to use other raw materials such as carbon fiber sails, which must be carefully handled to preserve them. the quality. “Whatever the material, fabrics are collected for 1 to 2 euros per square meter paid to shipyards or sailmakers in France and abroad who agree to sell them to us ”, continues Matthieu Bimbenet.

Each year, the company uses 70,000 m² of marine fabrics. All the clothes and accessories created have a personalized label, which allows the buyer to know the origin of the sail, the boat on which it was installed and in which ocean its owner has sailed. “Our economic model is virtuous since our customers can return their used products to us, he confides. 727 Sailbags, which reuses raw materials for a new cycle, achieves 60% of its turnover – 2.3 million euros in 2020 – in the luggage room; the balance, between ready-to-wear and decoration.


Creation date : 2010

DG: Matthieu Bimbenet

Amount: 1 million euros

Effective : 30 people

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