Top Stories 86 thousand students in the liberated governorates are preparing to take high school exams

86 thousand students in the liberated governorates are preparing to take high school exams

More than 86,369 students in 13 liberated governorates are preparing tomorrow, Sunday, to take the General Secondary Certificate exams in its scientific and literary sections for the academic year 2021/2022.

The Higher Committee for Examinations at the Ministry of Education completed her preparations And its technical and final preparations from the preparation plan and preparation for exams.

The Supreme Committee for Examinations stressed the need to adhere to the rules and regulations of the test process to maintain the success of the test process related to students, observers, observers and heads of centers.. Stressing that no student enters the examination center without bringing the sitting number, and the observers must confirm the students to register their data on the answer sheet properly.

The Supreme Committee for Examinations warned to stand strictly and firmly towards any test center that does not adhere to the controls of the test process and to bear legal responsibility in the event that any test question paper is leaked, and also urged students’ parents to provide the appropriate atmosphere for their children so that they can review their lessons and make the test process a success as a national and societal responsibility. .

She explained that the supervisory and subsidiary committees have worked continuously during the past period to complete this benefit, which comes in light of the exceptionally difficult circumstances that our country is currently witnessing, stressing its keenness to start the testing process without any obstacles or difficulties.


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