Life Style 90 percent of women use filters and edit before posting photos online – Research

90 percent of women use filters and edit before posting photos online – Research

According to a new research, 90 percent of women use their filters or edited photos before posting them on the Internet. The results show that women are constantly under investigation and this concern and trouble has expanded during the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Women use online edit or filter photos

Research indicated that women also filter or edit their skin tone, new shape of jaw or nose, weight, their shiny skin and their white teeth. Rosalind Gill of the University of London, City, said in a statement, “Every day around 100 million photos are posted only on Instagram, we have never lived in such a blind society.”

She said that the post on social media can generate immense happiness and attract appreciative attention in case of ‘likes meet’, but it is also a source of great concern for the youngest women. Researchers partnered around 200 young women and non-binary gender groups from the UK for the research. Non-binary sexual people include bijender, pangender, lingatral or agender people.

Investigation concerns increased during the Kovid-19 epidemic

According to the report, young people showed constant anger with the mass media and they also focused on a very subtle definition of beauty. Young women involved in the research saw these regular advertisements or push notifications of cosmetic procedures especially to clean teeth, filter the lips and perform surgery to enlarge the chest, lower back or nose.

Push notifications are a type of message that pop up when a new message arrives in a user’s device. The report raises questions about specific issues as to how the standard of appearance is shrinking and how smartphone spending is combined with editing and filter apps to contribute to a society in which young people live under constant forensic scrutiny .

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