Life Style A few minutes of massage to reduce stress, know how it has many benefits

A few minutes of massage to reduce stress, know how it has many benefits

Research conducted in Germany has revealed that a few minutes of massage can reduce mental stress. During the study, it was found that just 10 minutes of massage increased the mental and physical comfort of the people.

The research, published in the journal Scientific Reports, pointed to brief ways of reducing stress. Researchers said that to overcome the negative effects of stress, one needs to understand the opposite.

A few minutes of massage to reduce stress

Relaxation therapy proves effective in treating stress in the body, but more scientific research needs to be done on it. During the test, two types of massage were tried on the Volunteer in the lab.

In one way the neck and head were massaged, while in the other way the neck and tendons were massaged. After this, another group was asked to sit silently at the table so that the effect of rest could be checked.

The speed of the heartbeat was tested to detect physical relaxation, while Volunteer was asked how much pressure or comfort he felt for investigating mental relaxation.

Even a few minutes of rest can bring benefits

Researchers discovered that 10 minutes of rest or massage reduced mental and physical stress, and Volunteer felt more relieved. Volunteer’s heart rate changes were also seen, which made it understand that resting activates the body’s relaxing elements.

Researchers have described the results as encouraging because a few minutes’ rest not only calms the mind’s confusion but also helps the body. He said that there is no need for treatment to get relaxed, but if someone gently presses the tendons or rests them on the table, then the body can get relief.

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