Top Stories A German TV movie angers Yemenis

A German TV movie angers Yemenis

A film published by a foreign channel about the war in Yemen angered the Yemenis, because it carried misleading and biased messages to the terrorist Houthi militia.

The German Deutsche Welle channel broadcast a film on June 12 entitled “The Dirty War of Yemen”, which besides the reality of what is happening in the country.

Exceeding professional standards

Yemeni journalist Abdullah Ismail said, “The German station exceeded all standards of professionalism and respect for the viewer, to go very lightly to beautify one of the most racist and backward groups, and whitewash its leaders, without making any effort to present the more general Yemeni opinion, a victim of racism and naive employment.”

On Friday, Yemeni activists tweeted under the hashtag #Houthi_a_racist_group #HouthiIsNaziGroup In order to shed light on the Houthi crimes against the Yemeni people, including discrimination and racial terrorism practiced by the group, and also to denounce what was mentioned in the German film.

The campaign witnessed a great interaction on social media, and activists published photos and videos that reveal some of the crimes of Houthi terrorism against Yemenis.

The movie was written by Houthis

Commenting on what was mentioned in the German channel’s film, Abdul Baset Al-Qaedi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, said in a tweet to him on Twitter: “Deutsche Welle channel broadcasted German A movie by the Houthi gang, which it called “Yemen’s Dirty War.” The one-eyed position of the German channel ignored the fact that the one who lit the fuse for this war is the Houthi gang, and it is the one who clings to its continuation and invests in it.

For his part, journalist and human rights activist Hamdan Al-Ali said in a tweet, “If Nazism in Europe is populist racism, these families claim that their genes are special.”

Al-Ali added, “At the same time, they imbue it with a divine, priestly theocratic character, because they believe that God has assigned them to rule people and control their money, property, and destinies, and whoever opposes that has disbelieved.”

The ugliest group of all time

Yemeni journalist Kamel Al-Khoudani believes that the history of Yemen has not witnessed a group that was unique in all kinds of ugliness and crime, even groups of invaders and colonizers of all nationalities and religions, such as the Houthi group.

Al-Khoudani pointed out that this group did not surpass other criminal groups known to the geography of Yemen, but rather to all the groups known to the geography and history of the world.

The Houthis are the cause of every crime

The journalist Muhammad Al-Dhabiani confirms that the terrorist Houthi militia is the cause of every crime and terrorism that affects Yemenis in the north and south.

Al-Dhubayani noted that Yemenis would not have reached this tragic situation had it not been for Iran’s militia mercenaries and their war against the Yemenis, their control of state institutions, their aggression, their racist and sectarian terrorism and their disruption of the social fabric.

Regarding what was also mentioned in the film of the German channel, the advisor of the Ministry of Information, Ahmed Al-Musaibili, said, “The dirty war on Yemen, and even more filthy, is the war waged by the racist Houthi dynasty on the Yemeni and Arab identity, which has constituted and is still an existential threat to the Yemeni people as an Arab people with their identity, authenticity and heritage.” .

government condemnation

The Yemeni Ministry of Information had sent an official letter to the German channel Deutsche Welle, denouncing what was mentioned in the film, which was devoted to talking about the war in Yemen.

In the message addressed to the channel, the Minister of Information said, “The film dealt with a single view of events in Yemen, and deliberately overlooked many facts of the war launched by the Houthi terrorist militia against the Yemeni state and people since September 21, 2014, and its use of weapons and violence as a tool to achieve political gains and a coup against all that the Yemenis agree to. in the comprehensive national dialogue conference.

Al-Eryani pointed out that the film included extremely dangerous accusations against the government, its members, and the provincial leaders, without evidence and foundations, without communicating with the government and giving it the opportunity to clarify and refute those allegations, and without listening to another point of view, and this is not consistent with the simplest rules of media work and the right to listen to the other opinion. reply and clarify.

Al-Eryani expressed the Yemeni government’s objection to broadcasting the film, which included accusations and defamation without any evidence and without giving official entities and people an opportunity to defend themselves, a defect not only in the media aspect only, but also in the legal aspect.

He called on the channel to listen for more clarifications and answers to the inquiries and issues it would like to inquire about by the Yemeni official authorities.


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