Top Stories A government committee confirms that Taiz is free of child soldiers

A government committee confirms that Taiz is free of child soldiers

The Governor of Taiz Governorate, Nabil Shamsan, affirmed the commitment of Taiz Governorate to the constitution, applicable laws and international agreements with regard to preventing recruitment children Or their workers, and the local authority pays special attention to such issues.

Governor Shamsan said during a press conference held by the Joint Technical Committee to prevent recruitment childrenToday, coinciding with the implementation of field visits to the governorates, regions, and military and security hubs, to investigate the level of implementation of military instructions to prevent recruitment children “Taiz Governorate has a large human stock, and the local authority is interested in encouraging them to enroll in education and abide by the constitution and the law in preventing recruitment or employment children under the age of eighteen.”

The Governor of Taiz reiterated the local authority’s keenness to facilitate the work of the Technical Committee to ensure that Taiz Governorate is free from the phenomenon of recruitment children.

from his side clearer Assistant Chairman of the Joint Technical Committee to Prevent Recruitment children In the name of Al-Hakimi, the technical committee’s field trip to the camps and destinations has taken place the wish and prisons in the governorate to ensure the presence of child soldiers under the age of eighteen, stressing that there are no child soldiers in the governorate, by visiting the field and referring to the statements of those authorities.

Al-Hakimi indicated that by reviewing the statements, it became clear that there was a group of Houthi prisoners who were entertained to their relatives according to an exchange deal that took place between the Houthis and the leadership of the Taiz axis.


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