Top Stories A Houthi plan to lay off 160,000 Yemeni employees and replace them with loyalists

A Houthi plan to lay off 160,000 Yemeni employees and replace them with loyalists

The Houthi coup militia intends to lay off tens of thousands of state employees and replace them with elements loyal to it, in violation of the rights of employees and a flagrant violation of the general regulations, regulations and laws in Yemen.

According to union and parliamentary sources, the Minister of Civil Service in the Houthi militia government, which is not internationally recognized, has started procedures related to the dismissal of some employees and the retirement of others, in exchange for hiring replacements loyal to the militia.

The Federation of Syndicates of State Administrative Employees in Sana’a called on all employees of public service units, the General Federation of Yemen Trade Unions, and all unions of the republic to reject the Houthi militia’s intentions to expel tens of thousands of employees under the pretext of retirement.

In a statement, the Union affirmed its total rejection of the circular issued by the Minister of Civil Service in the Houthi government regarding “referring one of the two adults to retirement,” which it described as “devoid of legal responsibility, justice and humanity,” warning of the repercussions and serious and catastrophic damage that may be caused by implementing that circular by increasing And the widening of the circle of poverty, destitution and need among the people.

He also called on the Houthi government to reconsider these trends and cancel the decision to refer to retirement at this stage.

In turn, “Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms” condemned, on Wednesday, the news of the Houthi militia’s intention to refer more than 160,000 Yemeni employees to compulsory retirement, cancel their legal privileges and deprive them of their job rights.

And she stressed in a statement that this practice “reveals the retaliatory and exclusionary behavior of the Houthi group against its opponents, and its lack of awareness of the humanitarian situation that such practices will further exacerbate.”

She added that she “views with great gravity the decision of the House of Representatives of the Houthi group in Sana’a to appoint thousands of Houthis to replace the employees appointed for years, which will mean granting the head of the Houthi group the authority to hire instead of those who do not receive their salaries for the fifth year in a row.”

SAM organization warned of the danger of this step and its impact on the living conditions in the country, stressing that the real goal of these decisions is to take revenge on the opponents and to exploit the absence of real legal oversight over the actions of the executive authorities of the Houthi group, to settle political scores at the expense of the basic rights of individuals. Including the right to hold public office, financial entitlements and job security.

Employees in Sanaa considered the Houthi trend, which comes under the name of “complete the retirement,” as a forced political dismissal and a “mass massacre” of hundreds of thousands of state employees, and replacing them with others from the ranks of the militia.


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