Top Stories A human rights organization: Al-Houthi’s dismissal of 8,000 teachers is a discriminatory measure and a serious violation of human rights

A human rights organization: Al-Houthi’s dismissal of 8,000 teachers is a discriminatory measure and a serious violation of human rights

SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms said that the Houthi militia has dismissed about 8,000 Yemeni teachers from their workplaces without legal justification, stressing that this arbitrary decision constitutes a serious violation of human rights, and will have social and humanitarian consequences of unknown results.

The organization expressed its fear that the decision will be a prelude to a number of potential violations that may affect all basic and service sectors, calling on international and international bodies to move to pressure the armed group to reverse its decision.

The organization stated in a statement issued today, Thursday, that the arbitrary and discriminatory dismissal included five thousand teachers in the capital, Sanaa, and three thousand others in other governorates, within the framework of the plan approved by the so-called “Educational Office” of the Houthi group, with the aim of tightening control over the education sector.

The organization indicated that the dismissal process targeted teachers who migrated to search for a job opportunity after cutting their salaries, and replaced them with elements of both sexes belonging to and loyal to the Houthi group to cover the existing deficit in schools as a first step to install them.

She pointed out that this measure came about a week after the militia leader, “Abdul-Malik al-Houthi” spoke about purging state institutions of loyalists to the legitimate government.

SAM expressed its concern that the current Houthi decision may be followed by similar decisions that may affect all basic and service sectors, especially since local reports confirm that the Houthi goal is outside the framework of providing services that individuals need to fully control all basic facilities. Which portends a danger and a real catastrophe for individuals to enjoy their basic rights and services, stressing that the recent decision to dismiss teachers will have serious economic consequences in light of the deteriorating living conditions in the country.

The human rights organization pointed out that the educational process in Yemen is witnessing a continuous deficit and decline due to the war and the escalation of political and sectarian polarization, noting that it monitored during the years 2017, 2018, 2019, grave violations of the right to education, most notably the violation of the right to choose appropriate curricula and the restrictions imposed on teachers. .

During the past three years, the Houthi group has made major changes in the administrative apparatus of education, excluding many competent educational leaders who do not owe them allegiance, especially those who were forced to leave their homes for fear of arrest. This led to a low level of education for the largest number of students.

The group also changed the educational curricula, inserted sectarian discourse into the school curriculum, and imposed the Houthi cry slogan, which prompted many parents to refrain from sending their children to schools where education is no longer their primary purpose, and the possibility of their recruitment and changing their religious beliefs is the most fortunate possibility.

Sam called on the international community to intervene and enable Yemeni children to exercise their right to education, just like the rest of the world’s children and students. She stressed the importance of effective action and work to stop the practices and decisions of the Houthi group and to provide sufficient guarantees for Yemeni students to enjoy their full rights, and to ensure that the funds sent by donors, especially education allocations, go to the right place that achieves the real benefit for Yemeni children and students.

The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate described the militia’s dismissal of 8,000 teachers and workers in the educational sector as “an illegal measure, as it was issued by a coup group that is not constitutionally authorized and was not issued by the internationally recognized legitimate government.”

The media official of the Teachers Syndicate, “Yahya Al-Yanai,” said, “The procedure is contrary to international laws by taking measures that have a functional impact, stressing that the decision will not be based on any actual results on the practical side.”

He called on international donors and humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen not to deal with the lists of teachers submitted by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, warning against dealing with the lists of teachers submitted when disbursing financial incentives, stressing the need to adopt the official lists signed before September 2014.


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