Top Stories A large increase in the price of food commodities exacerbates the suffering of the citizens of Aden

A large increase in the price of food commodities exacerbates the suffering of the citizens of Aden

Prices and their fluctuations are the talk of the street here in the governorate of Aden these days, especially with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, in which there is an increase in purchasing movement and people accept a large number of foodstuffs.

Where the prices of basic foodstuffs have risen in an unprecedented manner before. The citizen’s purchasing power has exceeded the monthly wage he receives if his salary does not reach $ 100, especially with the collapse of the local process, which forces the citizen to abandon some of the basics.

The citizen remains the only one who suffers from the constant fire of prices, as a result of the deterioration of living conditions day after day and the silence of government agencies that did not move our inhabitants on the other hand, so that the citizen remains among the pliers of the absence of control by the competent government agencies and the greed of merchants.

Citizen Muhammad al-Maqtari says that the prices of goods and foodstuffs have witnessed a crazy increase in the temporary capital of Aden, coinciding with the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, which further exacerbated their conditions and their suffering in the absence of salaries and lack of work opportunities.

Muhammad, a citizen of the Crater District, added in a special statement to Al Sahwa Net that the prices of food commodities rose in Aden with the beginning of the month of Ramadan by 30 percent, noting that the absence of a supervisory role encouraged traders to take advantage of the situation and raise prices.

He explained that the prices of wheat, oil, rice, legumes, sugar, juices, dried drinks and others rose in a frenzy during the month of Ramadan, as it is one of the seasons in which hundreds of citizens flock to the shops to buy such goods.

At the end of his statements, Muhammad called on the competent authorities to implement field visit campaigns to monitor the prices of commodities, whose rise has become a heavy burden on the citizen’s shoulders in light of the continuing deterioration of basic services and the aggravation of citizens’ suffering.


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