Top Stories A number of militia members were killed and wounded by a citizen who tried to seize his floor in Sana’a

A number of militia members were killed and wounded by a citizen who tried to seize his floor in Sana’a

A number of members of the Houthi coup militia were killed, including the director of a police station, and others were wounded, by a citizen’s bullet, after they tried to seize his grounds by force in the capital, Sana’a.

Press sources said that Houthi gunmen, led by the director of the May 22 Police Department and the militia’s land supervisor, tried to forcibly seize the yard of a citizen, Fadel Al-Saidi, in Al-Jawiya neighborhood in Sana’a, before he prevented them and clashed with him, killing and wounding a number of them.

According to the sources, the citizen and the militiamen exchanged fire for hours, and were able to kill 3 Houthi militants, including the director of the police department and the land supervisor, and wound 8 others, all of whom were in intensive care, before the militias reinforced with more than 100 individuals and ten crews, and burned the house. Fully armed with rockets, “Lo” missiles, and machine guns.

After 5 hours of clashes, the militias stormed the house and imposed a tight security cordon on it and the surrounding neighborhoods in search of the owner of the house, who has not been found so far.

The Houthi coup militia is still imposing a military siege on the area, amid searches and raids on homes in search of the citizen who refused to loot his floor.

The Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia expanded its robberies by force of arms over the largest areas of land and real estate, and looted private and public properties in the capital’s secretariat and its suburbs, using the “Awqaf” sign.

The Capital Media Center monitored the robbery of the prominent Houthi leader linked to the family of the group’s leader, Abd al-Malik al-Houthi, called Abdullah Amer, under the guidance of General Abdul-Majid al-Houthi, about 1,670 blocks in the capital’s secretariat only during two years from mid-2019 until today (June 2021), varying between lands Private for citizens and merchants, state-owned, and endowment with legal lease contracts, in addition to the seizure of (4) hotels, (23) shops and business establishments, and (7) towers and business buildings.


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