Infotech A palace ? Yes, but underground. How the ultra-rich are planning the Apocalypse

A palace ? Yes, but underground. How the ultra-rich are planning the Apocalypse

Imagine a hyperluxurious residence of more than 1,000 square meters: it will include a heliport, parking for half a dozen cars, a garden-patio, an indoor swimming pool-spa, a home cinema room, a space dedicated to conferences professional, a gallery to house the works of art, with shelves ready to accommodate the gold bars.

It is also planned, of course, a quarter for the house staff, a kitchen worthy of a great restaurant, vast living and dining room with bar, and many bedrooms with a 5-star hotel atmosphere…

A palace for a billionaire? Yes, except that this is a very special project: an underground bunker, completing the home of its sponsor. A comfortable anti-Apocalypse fortress “military grade”designed down to the smallest technical and aesthetic detail by the Swiss company Oppidum, which employs around thirty people in Lucerne and Prague.

“The most beautiful bunkers in the world”

Its founder, the Czech multi-entrepreneur Jakub Zamrazil, 39, made a career in luxury real estate, then digital marketing. Suspicious, he did not want to talk to us, but answered our questions by e-mail. He claims to build “the most contemporary and beautiful ultra-high-end fortified underground bunkers in the world”. And said to be “at the preliminary permit and design stage, for projects that take three to five years.”

The lounge of a bunker with furniture and

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