Top Stories A security meeting chaired by Al-Arada praises the sacrifice and struggle of the leadership and members of the security forces in Marib

A security meeting chaired by Al-Arada praises the sacrifice and struggle of the leadership and members of the security forces in Marib

The Governor of Ma’rib, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, chaired today a security meeting of the provincial police command to discuss the security performance in light of the current developments.

The meeting began with a reading of Al-Fatiha and mercy on the souls of all the heroic martyrs, led by Brigadier General Abdul Ghani Shaalan, commander of the Special Security Forces, and the head of operations, Brigadier General Nawfal Al-Houri and those with them among the distinguished heroes who wrote a heroic epic and sacrificed their lives in the most sacred battles of the people, the state and the republic.

Al-Arada touched on the virtues of Brigadier General Abdul-Ghani Shaalan, his great exploits and his successful leadership in his security unit in terms of construction, rehabilitation, training and discipline, to become as it is today an effective unit in maintaining security and stability in the governorate, which includes millions of Yemenis from the population and the displaced.

He conveyed the condolences of the political leadership to all the security personnel of the righteous martyrs, adding that the Yemeni people today are betting and pinning hopes on the members of the National Army and security to rid them of the terrorist Houthi militia that wants to enslave them and destroy their present and future.

Major General Al-Arada praised the level of disciplined and solid security performance of the various security services in the governorate and the successive successes they achieve that have proven their resilience in the face of all changes, noting that citizens’ confidence today in this security system has become at the highest levels.

He welcomed the successor commander, Brigadier General Salim al-Sayaghi, who was appointed commander of the governorate’s security forces, praising his distinguished security and field record in all the tasks assigned to him and the qualities known to him that make him a good successor in his mission.

For his part, the provincial police chief, Brigadier General Yahya Hamid, spoke about the current developments and the security situation in the governorate.

In turn, the commander of the Special Security Forces, Brigadier General Salim Al-Sayaghi, pledged to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Commander Shaalan and his companions, and pledged to exert effort and soul to preserve the stability of the governorate through the tasks and roles of the security unit that was assigned to him.


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