Top Stories A solemn funeral of the body of the hero martyr Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Sharabi and his companions in Marib

A solemn funeral of the body of the hero martyr Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Sharabi and his companions in Marib

The Ministry of Defense and the Command of the Third Military Region today, Monday, in the governorate of Ma’rib, the body of the martyr, Brigadier General P.S.C, Ahmed Qaid Al-Sharabi, Commander of the Falconry Brigade, and his comrades, Major Muhammad Ali Al-Harithi and Second Lieutenant Ashraf Abdul Raqeeb Al-Sharabi, who were killed while defending the revolution and the republic, in the fields of glory Al-Karamah, against the terrorist Houthi militia, supported by Iran.

During the funeral ceremonies, the bodies of the heroic martyrs were carried on the palms of the honor guard wrapped in the republican flag to the martyrs’ cemetery in Ma’rib city, in a majestic funeral procession presented by the commander of the third military region, Major General Mansour Thawabeh, and a number of leaders of the Ministry of Defense, brigades and military units in the third military region, and a large gathering of The families and colleagues of the martyr commander Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Sharabi.

The Commander of the Third Military Region, Major General Mansour Thawabah, praised the heroics and great sacrifices, and the eternal stances that were written by the martyr Al-Sharabi, commander of the Falcons Brigade, and his fight against the remnants of the Houthi imamate and priesthood militia, on various fronts and fields of honor and the heroism in which he participated since 2014 AD until his martyrdom, may God have mercy on him.

He stressed that the heroes of the armed forces and the men of the popular resistance are moving towards liberating and restoring the entire homeland from the grip of the Houthi terrorist militia, and that the sacrifices and heroism of the National Army martyrs will not be wasted.

Colleagues of the martyr Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Sharabi praised his virtues, sacrifices and national roles in confronting the Houthi terrorist militia, and the courage and leadership of the martyr in the battles to defend the republic and the national gains .. They emphasized moving forward on the path of the martyrs until the liberation of the entire homeland from Iran’s tools and the restoration of all institutions The state and building the unified Yemeni state.


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