Life Style A special coincidence is being made on December 25, to avoid the wrath of ‘Shani Dev’, do these small measures on this day

A special coincidence is being made on December 25, to avoid the wrath of ‘Shani Dev’, do these small measures on this day

25 December 2021, Shani Dev : Saturn is considered as the dominant planet in Kali Yuga. Due to the wrath of Shani Dev, not only humans, but even the gods get scared. Even Lord Shankar himself could not escape from the sight of Shani. Keeping Shani Dev happy is considered very important. If Shani Dev is angry, he gives all kinds of trouble to the person.

When Shani Dev is angry, he fills a person’s life with troubles. Money gets destroyed. Honor is lost. The person gets caught in the rounds of the court. Married life is filled with tension and discord. Mental peace is destroyed. There are obstacles in every work. Failures make a person frustrated and frustrated. Loss starts in business, education and health.

How to please Shani Dev?
Shani Dev is considered to be the factor of justice. According to the scriptures, Shani gives a person the fruits of his good and bad deeds. That is why Shani Dev is also called the giver of karma. It is not that Shani Dev always gives bad results. When a person does good and noble deeds, Shani Dev gives very auspicious results. Shani Dev is always happy with such people. Special care should be taken when Shani’s Mahadasha, Antardasha, Sadesati and Shani’s Dhaiya are going on in the horoscope. Because Shani Dev gives more bad results in these situations.

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What is dear to Shani Dev?
Shani Dev does not like wrongdoing. Those who are lazy and avoid working hard. Shani Dev punishes them. Shani Dev never forgives those who insult those who work hard. Discipline and rules are very dear to Shani Dev. Hence the one who follows them. Shani Dev never bothers him. Shani Dev gets angry very soon with those people who harass others. Keep an evil eye on the wealth of others. do cheat. lie. Shani Dev necessarily gives his blessings to such people who help others. Respect those who work hard. serve the patients. Take care of animals and birds. protect the environment.

25th December 2021 is Saturday
According to the Panchang, Saturday, 25th December is the sixth date of Krishna Paksha of Paush month. On this day the Moon will be in Leo. On this day, Preeti Yoga will be there till 11.23 am and after that Ayushman Yoga will be there. Worshiping Shani Dev in these yogas gives special merit. On this day, Saturn will be sitting in Capricorn.

Remedies for Shani (Shani Ke Upay)
To pacify Shani, worship Shani Dev in Shani temple on Saturday, December 25. Offer oil to mustard on this day. Recite Shani Mantra and Shani Chalisa. Along with this, donating things related to Lord Shani also brings peace to Shani Dev.


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