Infotech A “tariff shield” put in place to fight against the rise in gas and electricity prices

A “tariff shield” put in place to fight against the rise in gas and electricity prices

Seven months before the presidential election, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced this Thursday, September 30 the government blocking the price of gas until April at the 20 Hours of TF1. This announcement comes against a backdrop of significant increases in energy prices.

“We are going to set up a tariff shield to protect ourselves against these tariff increases”, he said, claiming that the government will ” to block “ This prices. “There will be no more increase in gas. “

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Concretely, the next 12.5% ​​increase will be applied, but it will be ” the last “. “We had anticipated it, because I had announced an energy check which will come into force in December”, he recalled. This energy check concerns 5.8 million French people with modest incomes.

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The whole point, explained the Prime Minister, is to cushion the “Bump” which promises to be, since the experts who predict by the end of the year, “Another 30% increase in the price of gas”, also plan “That we are going to have a sharp drop in the spring.”

These announcements are the responsibility of“A cash flow problem, which the distributors will pay. We are going to support them, what I don’t want is for the French ”.

For the increase in the price of electricity, “It will also be the tariff shield”, said the Prime Minister. The government will limit the one to take place in February 2022, to 4%, he announced, adding: “We are going to reduce a tax on electricity in an amendment to the finance law, to authorize the government to lower this tax, depending on the increase that will be observed”. If the moderation measures are not enough, the energy check will be revalued, announced Jean Castex.

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12.6% for gas and 12% for electricity

For several days, pressure has been mounting on the government, aware that this jump in the energy bill “Worries the French a lot”, acknowledged the spokesperson Gabriel Attal.

“The French do not have to take the full brunt of this increase in gas prices (…) We will ensure our role of protecting the French in the face of soaring energy prices”, assured this Thursday Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, before the National Hydrogen Council.

Coming after a fall in 2020 linked to the recession due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the current jump in prices is explained by a combination of reasons: low stocks, strong demand with the economic recovery, the inability of Norway and of Russia to increase their deliveries, speculation on raw materials …

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The energy regulator thus announced Monday an increase of 12.6% including tax, effective Friday, October 1, of the regulated gas prices applied by Engie, in the wake of the rise in market prices. They had already increased by 8.7% on September 1, after more than 5% in August and nearly 10% in July.

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Electricity tariffs are also set to rise again “Around 12%” early next year, said Barbara Pompili. Price changes are in fact directly linked to fluctuations in gas and to the increase in the price of CO2 allowances.

Fear of a social movement

On September 15, the government took the initiative by announcing an exceptional payment of 100 euros in December for the 5.8 million households benefiting from the energy check.

Beyond the social issue, the executive seeks politically to defuse the risks of a protest movement recalling the “Yellow vests”, and which crystallized in the fall of 2018 around the increase in the price of automotive fuels.

From “Casta” to “Gépy the” yellow vest “”, immersed in Macron’s “bubble”

“From a political point of view, we have to be very careful” about it, because “In a presidential election people vote with the wallet”, underlined the political scientist Pascal Perrineau this Thursday on BFMTV.

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However, Emmanuel Macron intends to partly campaign, if he represents himself, by presenting himself as the defender of the purchasing power of the French who, despite the Covid-19 crisis, was generally preserved in 2020 (+0.4 % according to INSEE). This year he “Will increase from 1.5% to 2%. Let’s meet at the end of 2021 to verify “, declared this Thursday morning Jean Castex, questioned by “Midi Libre” on the sidelines of a trip to Montpellier.

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