Top Stories A warning to parents.. Houthi summer centers aim at sectarian mobilization and push your children to the incinerators of death

A warning to parents.. Houthi summer centers aim at sectarian mobilization and push your children to the incinerators of death

As soon as the school year ends, the Houthi terrorist militia prepares for summer centers with the aim of washing the minds of children and turning them into time bombs that explode in the community, in addition to compensating for its eroded balance, and preparing new elements to take them to the crematoria of death on the front lines, against the state.

Writer and journalist Abdullah Ismail confirmed that the Houthi summer centers are centers of ignorance and that they are not a passing event or a normal activity.. What the Houthi spends on summer courses and centers is destructive.

Referring to the terrorist Houthi militia, it knows that its popular balance is being eroded as a result of its crimes, and that the incubator has become an illusion, so it resorts to influencing children, brainwashing, and planting thought mines to face the moment of defeat.

Ismail warned of the Houthi clan’s summer centers, which he described as time bombs that will explode terrorism, hatred and infidels, as they practice the “cultural genocide” methodology against Yemenis and their identity, using many methods that have been repeated in the history of their ancestors, including what they talk about in school curricula and courses. Cultural centers and summer centers, and targeting schools and universities, and through attempts to sanctify their leaders and impose an oath of allegiance on students and young people.

Ismail indicated that the Houthi militia has sought complete control of the media in its areas of control, offering jobs in exchange for loyalty, and demographic change through ethnic cleansing, displacement and land ownership on a large scale. It is also working to obliterate Yemeni history in exchange for celebrating the Imamate’s criminals and printing and publishing its books.

Ismail urged supporters of legitimacy to unite efforts, noting that the Houthi militia practices all of the above, using the preoccupation of its opponents with their internal and internal battles, and taking advantage of the silence of the religious, cultural and official elites, which created spaces and spaces for Houthi tampering. He is Yemeni, in favor of her identity completely imported from the Wilayat al-Faqih in Iran.

In a lengthy article on the Houthi summer centers, Ismail touched on the money that the Houthi spends on summer courses and centers for destructive goals, and that those huge sums with which the Houthis attract and intimidate hundreds of thousands of students and children, receiving sectarian charges, and societal hatred, strike deeply. In the belief of the Yemenis, and establish sectarianism in all insolence.

Kamel Al-Khoudani stressed the danger of the Houthi summer centers, pointing out that the large space of the antichrist Houthi in his last speech that he allocated to the summer centers and his call for parents to send their children and direct all official and popular institutions to provide support alerts us all to the danger of these centers and their importance to this gang to prepare an army and student fighters, half of whom are led to the fronts Half of them are time bombs after being brainwashed with cultural courses.

Pointing out that the first victims of them are the same family, and this calls for an intensive awareness campaign, media activists, civil society organizations, official and media institutions, and at the level of the Presidential Leadership Council, with letters and programs to warn parents in Houthi-controlled areas that their children are sent to the death burners and sectarian shipping in the name of summer centers.

Al-Khoudani said that Al-Houthi worked to destroy the educational institution at all levels, marginalizing academics and teachers, cutting their salaries, and replacing them with dynastic cadres.

Pointing out that the summer centers are a link in a series of efforts to prepare a looted generation filled with hatred and extremist and sectarian ideas after destroying educational institutions. Al-Khoudani called on Yemeni citizens to protect their children from Houthi terrorist centers.

Muhammad Haider, deputy governor of Raymah, stressed the popular rejection every year of the Houthi mobilization centers after they found that their outputs turned into abnormal, extremist and terrorist elements, posing a primary danger to the family itself, and then society as a whole, pointing out that dozens of fathers, mothers and relatives were killed by their children who joined Houthi mobilization courses and sectarian summer centers, and they were affected by its takfiri rhetoric.

Faisal Al-Shabibi stressed that the Houthis drive children to summer centers under the pretext of teaching them the Holy Qur’an, while in fact they are brainwashing them with their hateful sectarian racist ideas and then lead them to the crematoria of death in their absurd battles for their racist dynastic project. For those without conscience who only care for them and no dhimma.


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