Top Stories Academics and educators warn of the danger of the Houthi militia continuing to bully the educational process

Academics and educators warn of the danger of the Houthi militia continuing to bully the educational process

A number of academics and educators warned of the danger of the Houthi militia eroding the educational process in its areas of control, and changing the school curricula with its sectarian ideas.

In an awareness seminar organized by the PEN Developmental Foundation in Marib, under the auspices of the Minister of Education, they stressed the need to hold a national conference for education, to discuss the risks facing the educational and educational process in areas controlled by the Houthi militia, calling on all relevant government agencies to play their role in exposing those risks that threaten the upbringing. Next, working to change their national identity and creed.

The symposium dealt with three axes to diagnose what is happening to education in Yemen, how to confront it and the role entrusted to parents in immunizing their children.

In the symposium, Dr. Yahya Al-Qufaili reviewed Some of the manifestations of the Houthi militia’s bulldozing of education, as well as the most important crimes and violations The Houthis against the student during the last period, noting that the militia had recruited and sent 18,000 students to barricades instead of schools, and thousands of them were killed on the fighting fronts.

While the Dean of the College of Education and Science at the University of Sheba Province, Dr. Mutahar Al-Barti, addressed the danger of Al-Houthi eroding education on the future of generations, “considering the attack on education is an attack on the past, present and future.”

He pointed out that the Houthi militia, which came from outside history and from caves, does not care about the present or future of this nation, as its project is a dynastic, sectarian, regional, family-oriented, expressing an alien group alien to the original principles, values ​​and norms of Yemeni society, stressing that everything the Houthi militia is doing is an expansion. of the Persian tide in Yemen.

In its third axis, Antar Al-Difani touched on the most prominent treatments for this bulldozing, noting the official role through the various education, media, endowments and guidance authorities in the face of Houthi bulldozing of educational curricula.

He pointed out that the formulation of curricula should be changed through the Ministry of Education and the government, “considering the educational battle is no less important than the military battle.”


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