Auto “ACDelco Behbehani” opens its express service center for cars … in Jahra

“ACDelco Behbehani” opens its express service center for cars … in Jahra

The center includes the latest equipment, technologies and a team of experts

New facilities are a milestone in auto maintenance

Mohamed Saleh and Reza Youssef Behbehani Company opened the ACDelco Behbehani Express Service Center in a distinctive location in Plot 1, Street 1, in the Industrial Area of ​​Jahra Governorate, as part of its continuous efforts to provide the best products and services to its customers, and as a new step to enhance their experience in periodic maintenance services and repair faults. Cars, and in response to the desire of citizens and residents in the governorate, who want a distinguished service without incurring a long distance to get them.

The company emphasized that customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the priorities of ACDelco Behbehani centers, while its policy in all centers is based on the principle of complete readiness and readiness reinforced with the latest equipment and technologies, and on a team of experts in the field of vehicle repair and maintenance.

She pointed out that this is what she was keen to achieve in the new express service center in Jahra, which includes a special department for selling original ACDelco spare parts, in addition to a comfortable waiting area for customers.

She indicated that for the sake of customer convenience and to avoid delay, it is possible to take advantage of the pre-reservation system for appointments, and that in the event of a desire to come directly to the center without booking an appointment, you can go directly to the center so that the team can serve them quickly.

The concept of “ACDelco Express Service” enables customers to obtain the finest, best and fastest service possible, thanks to the advanced technologies and modern equipment provided by the center, and the expertise of specialized technicians who have been trained on the latest maintenance equipment and systems.

“ACDelco Express Service Center in Jahra will be a milestone in car maintenance in the Kuwaiti market, because it will have the advantage of completing maintenance work for the car in less than 60 minutes, at a time when customers will be able to monitor the stages of the rapid maintenance process of their cars, to be reassured and satisfied with Our service ».

The center receives various types of cars and models and provides a range of periodic maintenance services, and quick fixes, including replacing batteries, replacing engine oils and filters, transmission and brakes, replacing the brake pads, replacing the air filter and fuel filter, replacing the fan belts, maintaining the car air conditioning, and maintaining the engine cooling system. Water pump replacement, windshield wiper replacement and engine switch, suspension system inspection and auxiliary switch, etc., in addition to comprehensive inspection services.

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