Life Style Acidity Treatment: Do you often have acidity? These measures can be effective for survival

Acidity Treatment: Do you often have acidity? These measures can be effective for survival

Acidity: Acidity is a common digestive problem. This is an uncomfortable condition which can cause burning sensation, hoarseness of voice, bad breath and stomach ache. Possible eating habits such as overeating, non-healthy eating options, skipping meals are some of the possible causes of acidity. Your lifestyle also has an important role.

Minor changes to relieve acidity

Levels of physical activity, sleep routines, stress and smoking can also affect the acidity problem. By making simple changes in diet and lifestyle, you can get rid of acidity and many digestive problems. You should know what are the necessary measures to do in this regard.

Do’s and don’ts for acidity
Stress can be more harmful than you think. Many people are unable to get treatment for stress due to which there is a fear of emerging risk of many health conditions. It can spoil your mental and physical health. Due to this, you can consume more calories than necessary and you can invite weight gain.

You will be surprised to know that stress can lead to acidity. Research has also confirmed that there is a relationship between increase in stress and changes in acidity. Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal has also mentioned this in one of his social media posts. They have told that if you want to avoid acidity then you have to be stress free.

There should be ideal interval between dinner and sleep. More people eat the last meal of the day at bedtime and complain of acidity. Even half an hour difference between sleep and dinner is not enough. You may also have to feel discomfort in your throat in the morning after you have finished eating. Therefore, the interval between dinner and sleep should be 2-3 hours.

Better sleep at night also plays a role in acidity control. Fatigue and stress can aggravate this condition, so give your body plenty of time to rest and recover.

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