Auto Adel Alghanim Automotive launches the all-new MG GT

Adel Alghanim Automotive launches the all-new MG GT

The model adds more variety to the British-origin brand’s vehicles
1.5L turbocharged engine delivers power, performance, comfort and fuel economy
The model includes electronic chassis stability control, PDC radar, MG Pilot and monitoring.
Lewis: British cars are one of our most valuable exports to Kuwait
– Lee: MG GT is a testament to the spirit of challenge that characterizes our brand
Al-Ghanim: The MG GT is an exceptional addition to MG cars in Kuwait
The vehicle is the culmination of years of research and development as well as British excellence

Adel Al-Ghanim Motors Company – MG Motor – has launched its all-new MG GT, which reflects the commitment of the British-born brand to diversify its vehicle range by unveiling a new sports model.

The company pointed out that the all-new MG GT offers customers in the Middle East and Kuwait a completely new alternative in the sedan segment, especially as it has a sporty and bold appearance and options for powertrain systems, including a 1.5-liter engine and a 1.5-liter engine with a turbocharger, to provide Maximum levels of power and performance.

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And she added that the price of the “MG GT” with a 1.5-liter engine is expected to start at 13,310 dollars, and the “MG GT” with a 1.5-liter engine with a turbocharger starts from 15,440 dollars.

Adel Al-Ghanim Motors indicated that the all-new MG GT draws inspiration from the classic two-door sports car, the MGB, and is the third sedan to join MG’s growing range of cost-effective and value-for-money cars.

She indicated that with the brand’s focus on young customers, as shown by the philosophy of “to the maximum”, the new model is expected to receive a lot of interaction among the population in the region, as it reflects the independence of customers, their aspirations, their passion and their adventurous spirit, and all this is the result of their active way of thinking. and bold.

173-horsepower engine The company stated that the all-new MG GT 1.5T comes with a highly efficient 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a turbocharger, which is connected to a DCT gearbox, generating a maximum power of 173 horsepower and maximum torque of 250 Nm, which enables acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 8 seconds.

It stated that the 1.5L model is equipped with a fourth-generation 1.5-liter engine that is characterized by its fuel efficiency and power of 118 horsepower, and it is connected to an iCVT gearbox, indicating that both models are equipped with the Dynamic Deflection Control System (XDS), which enhances the driving experience. Driving is more, and dynamic performance is further assisted by the sporty aerospace-grade aluminum chassis with a compact structure, which delivers high levels of driving comfort and firmer stability.

The company explained that the all-new MG GT is the first sports sedan from the brand to shine through the third generation of the family’s design language, where the large front grille in a digital flame pattern is separated from the slim LED headlights, creating Enhances the car’s powerful and dynamic presence. Adel Al-Ghanim Automobiles continued that, to complement the bold shape of the hood, the all-new MG GT features a slightly inverted rear pattern, which enhances the sporty appearance even more.

She added that the vehicle also has a chrome line from end to end in addition to the wide shoulder of the car, as well as the optional alloy wheels with a tomahawk axe pattern (a type of Native American axe) and Michelin tires, which add to the upscale look and feel.

Dynamic appearance The company pointed out that the dynamic look and feel appears in the interior as well, which is available in a contrasting red or black color. A large 10-inch touch screen is standard, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technologies, enabling drivers to easily use their smart devices in the car.

Technologies package Adel Al-Ghanim Motors noted that the all-new MG GT is consistent with MG’s reputation for providing high value, and therefore comes well-equipped with a bouquet of technologies that reflect the forward-thinking orientation of the brand.

She explained that the model includes the electronic chassis stability control system, the PDC radar for reverse, in addition to the “MG Pilot” intelligent driving assistance system, the 360-degree surround monitoring system, the navigation speed control system, the forward collision warning system and other systems.

Spirit of Challenge Tom Lee, CEO of MG Motor’s Middle East Operations, said: “The all-new MG GT is a testament to the challenging spirit of our brand as we strive to exceed expectations while offering a new direction in what It has to do with our design language.”

He added, “This vehicle is well-equipped and will further enhance the diverse nature of our exceptional collection in the Middle East. It is also the ideal model for young customers who are looking for a cost-effective sports car that delivers powerful performance and gives drivers an exciting and fun driving experience, while also reflecting their adventurous spirit.”

In turn, Marzouq Adel Al-Ghanim, President of Adel Al-Ghanim Automotive Company, said: “The MG GT is an exceptional addition to MG cars in Kuwait, as the GT is the culmination of years of research and development in addition to British excellence.

The MG GT delivers a great driving experience and perfectly meets the needs of our young customers while featuring high-tech and high-quality technology at an attractive price.

It is available for sale in the markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East.

Part of the economy At the launch event, UK Ambassador to Kuwait Belinda Lewis expressed her best wishes for MG in the market, saying: “I am delighted to see a new British car launched in Kuwait today.

The UK car industry is a thriving part of the British economy, contributing £60 billion annually to sales and creating 800,000 jobs.

She added, “British cars are one of the most valuable exports to Kuwait, and MG cars are an exciting part of this, and are famous around the world for their historic models, trophies and automotive achievements.

I wish (MG) Adel Al-Ghanim Automotive all success.”

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