Top Stories Aden..a new collapse of the local currency and a rise in transfer commission

Aden..a new collapse of the local currency and a rise in transfer commission

Today, Sunday, the local currency returned to decline against foreign currencies in the temporary capital, Aden, in the south of the country, in conjunction with the rise in food prices in the city.

Banking sources told Al-Sahwa Net that foreign exchange rates witnessed a new rise during today’s trading, Sunday, after they had witnessed a relative recovery during the past few days.

The sources added that the purchase price of one dollar amounted to 1166 Yemeni riyals and 1197 Yemeni riyals for sale, while the purchase price of the Saudi riyal reached 307 Yemeni riyals, and the sale of the Yemeni riyal amounted to 315 Yemeni riyals.

In the context of her statements to Al-Sahwa Net, the sources confirmed that remittance commissions from Aden to Sanaa also witnessed a new rise on Sunday, affected by the collapse of the Yemeni riyal against foreign currencies.

The sources indicated that the transfer commissions between the governorates under the control of the legitimate government and the areas under the control of the Houthi militia reached today, Sunday, February 13, 2022, at 91.58 thousand riyals, in return for transferring the amount of 100,000 riyals.

According to citizens who spoke to Al-Sahwa Net, the prices of goods and foodstuffs witnessed a new rise on Sunday in the temporary capital markets, Aden, in conjunction with the collapse of the value of the local currency against foreign currencies, which increased their suffering in light of the continuation of the war, the suspension of salaries and the lack of job opportunities.

The local currency has witnessed a significant improvement in its value against foreign currencies during the past days, as the commission for remittances decreased to 36 thousand riyals, compared to the transfer of 100 thousand riyals, following the appointment of a new leadership of the Central Bank of Yemen.


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