Entrepreneur After soft toys, Nin-Nin launches a social network for the family

After soft toys, Nin-Nin launches a social network for the family

It’s a 360 degree turn. Manufacturer of comforters made in France since 2016, the creusotine company Nin-Nin consolidates its place in the children’s market by investing in the digital sphere. On April 8, Nicolas Courregethe company’s co-founder, announced the release of Nin-Nin, a new private social network designed for children and their families.

“We wanted to create a virtual album that you can carry around with you, a bit like a comforter,” says this former computer technician. “The application makes it possible to share the photos of the child within the family and to integrate the health record as well as vital information”.

For this, Nicolas Courrège was inspired by the social network WhatsApp, already well used by families. “We all have a discussion with dozens of photos that we never find, because they are all misplaced. So I was inspired by the ergonomics of Instagram to better classify these memories, ”explains the manager.

A private social network

The social network is private. Parents therefore select the people who can have access to this notebook and choose, or not, to give them the right to comment or import photos. “I do not claim to be a French Steve Jobs but for me, there is a challenge in turning to private social networks today”, continues Nicolas Courrège.

For now, Nin-Nin has funded its project without fundraising with French developers. Nicolas Carrège does not exclude this option, however. “For an investor, it’s difficult to understand the power of a blanket, even if there are 700,000 births in France each year. With our application, we hope to be able to convince business angels”, hopes the entrepreneur. For this, it will be necessary to test the economic model of this social network, which today is based on paid options in the free application.

The social network now has more than 1,000 downloads. After a turnover of 600,000 euros in 2021, the company of 9 employees hopes to raise this figure to one million euros in 2022.

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