Infotech After the rebellion of bookstores, toy merchants file an appeal against hypermarkets

After the rebellion of bookstores, toy merchants file an appeal against hypermarkets

After the sling of bookstores, that of game stores. The federation of toy merchants announced this Friday, October 30, the filing of a summary before the Council of State against the sale of toys in hypermarkets, which can, unlike them, remain open during the new confinement.

The reconfinement decree published on Thursday “Has generated a distortion of competition by providing for the closure of stores specializing in the sale of games and toys, while at the same time leaving hypermarkets to sell equivalent products on their shelves”, accuses the Federation of Trade Specialists in Toys and Children’s Products (FCJPE) in a press release, confirming information from TF1.

The FCJPE has decided to file a summary before the Council of State to “Manifest violation of the principle of equal competition”. La Fnac is closing its book section, bookstores are blowing (a little)

“Disastrous consequences”

Toy stores are not on the list of so-called shops “Essential” authorized by the government to remain open during containment. However, they can make deliveries or offer to pick up orders at the store door (“click and collect”).

This decree will have “Disastrous consequences for companies specializing in toys, which achieve more than half of their sales over the last three months of the year and represent 20,000 direct or indirect jobs in France”, the FCJPE is alarmed.

“I invite all French people to demonstrate patriotic behavior”

The booksellers, who also had to close shop, had also protested against the opening of the books and culture departments of supermarkets and specialized. The Minister of the Economy and the Minister of Culture refused to open bookstores but announced on Friday that supermarkets should close their cultural shelves, by “Concern for equity”.

“This is the place where you can find hope”: petition to keep booksellers open

Asked Friday evening about this appeal, Bruno Le Maire insisted on the possibility for these businesses to offer order withdrawals and deliveries. “In March, it was not possible because you were not allowed to go out for this reason. With the new certificate, this is now possible. I invite all French people to show patriotic behavior and to promote local commerce ”, launched the Minister of the Economy.

The FCJPE is co-chaired by Philippe Gueydon, manager of King Jouet, and Romain Mulliez, manager of the PicWicToys brand, who succeeded Toys’R Us in France.

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