Health After the “soda tax”, the “charcuterie tax”?

After the “soda tax”, the “charcuterie tax”?

“Zero nitrite ham”, “Conservation without nitrite” … Three years after the broadcast of the program “Cash Investigation” revealing the carcinogenic effects of the addition of nitrites in our cold cuts, and two years after the shocking investigation by journalist Guillaume Coudray, it is now possible to find ham stamped “nitrite-free” in supermarket fridges. Proof that nitrite salts – serving in particular to give a beautiful pink color to pork when it should be gray – were anything but essential.

In 2017, Herta therefore launched its first products without nitrites, where said salts were replaced by a clever cooking broth, some natural flavors and vitamin C (in the form of ascorbic acid). A few months later, Fleury-Michon in turn landed on the shelves with a “zero nitrite” ham, but this time assuming a gray product and shorter consumption dates, on the model of the organic ham of the brand Ensemble, present. on the shelves of Biocoop for much longer.

Zero nitrite ham is essential in supermarkets

Carrefour also says it has eliminated nitrites from its rillettes and raw hams – Bayonne, Aosta… – have also made enormous progress quietly. Saved? Far from there !

Because these great advances cannot make us forget that the offer without sodium nitrite occupies only a tiny part of the shelves: the vast majority of shelves continue to present rosis and con products.

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