Entrepreneur Agri-food: Plantex sells the majority of its capital to grow

Agri-food: Plantex sells the majority of its capital to grow

Plantex, a manufacturer of plant extracts for food supplements based in Essonne, has just received a good dose of fertilizer from the Lyon fund Mérieux Equity Partners (MEP). Backed by the Mérieux biology group, it became its majority shareholder in January by injecting 30 million euros. It is thus making its fourth investment in nutrition since 2018.

Under the chairmanship ofAïcha Debaisieux, which also reinvests in capital, the SME founded in 1990 and remained independent until then has doubled its turnover in five years, reaching 30 million euros. It is the result of thirty years of experience, the quality of our extracts and regulations which have become stricter in favor of European productions, a guarantee of safety for users compared to Chinese products which rarely meet standards. required “, Says the manager of this company of 75 employees.

250 plants

Plantex derives 72% of its income from exports, but in Europe, and its objective is ” to attack the major export », She explains. ” French products are very well regarded in Asia, as are organic products in the United States. “. This segment already represents 25% of business volume.

Supplier for the human food supplements market (estimated by MEP at 150 billion euros worldwide), Plantex processes 250 varieties of plants for some 3,000 references, ” a differentiating factor from the big players in the sector who are satisfied with the most popular materials », Estimates Thierry Chignon, partner at MEP.

A new outlet

The company sources its plant material from Madagascar to Brazil, from Eastern countries to Siberia – where the precious rhodiola rosea grows, ” antidepressant and immune booster in high demand at the moment », Underlines Aïcha Debaisieux.

MEP allows Plantex, which grew by organic growth, to consider acquisitions. But the first planned investment concerns a new plant in Morocco during the year, intended for an outlet other than nutrition and health. R&D has in fact worked for two years on the development of an oven to isolate and extract in ultra-concentrated formula an antioxidant molecule from rosemary, used as a preservative in the food industry.

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