Life Style Air pollution also affects fertility

Air pollution also affects fertility

Health Alert: Increasing air pollution is affecting people’s health in different ways. It gives rise to many diseases in the body. But recently a surprising thing has come to the fore in a research. It has been revealed in this research that air pollution also reduces the sperm count. Researchers found that the reason behind this is usually a neuron which is associated with sleep cycle and obesity. What other things have come out in this research and how pollution reduces sperm count, let us know in detail.

what came out in this research

tested on rats

Finding a direct link between the brain and the sex organs, the researchers tested whether air pollution actually increases inflammation in the brain. For this, he kept two rats in clean air and contaminated air. After this, it was found that due to air pollution in them, a special type of neurons formed, which is associated with sleep cycle and obesity. This affected his sperm. These neurons are usually found in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that controls hunger, thirst and sex drive. The hypothalamus also works with the pituitary gland of the brain. It makes those hormones that directly affect the reproductive organs. Overall, it is clear that the neurons found in the hypothalamus are the main reason that reduces the sperm count.   

this is also a reason

Take these precautions

  • Pollution problem is more in winter. During this, smog is also formed in the sky. In such a situation, avoid going out of the house unnecessarily in this season.
  • Stop morning and evening walks in this season.
  • Use public transport.
  • < li>Drink more water, take more fruits and green vegetables.

  • If you see cough and cold, see a doctor.
  • If sleep is affected or obesity in this season Contact your doctor even if you see it increasing.

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