Infotech Airbnb goes public: a bet on relaunching travel

Airbnb goes public: a bet on relaunching travel

Airbnb made its debut on Wall Street this Thursday, December 10 after setting its introductory price at $ 68, a level noted several times. The group said in a statement to have been able to recover approximately 3.4 billion dollars (2.8 billion euros) thanks to this transaction, once all costs have been deducted.

The operation values ​​the housing rental platform at around 47 billion dollars (39 billion euros) including the share of employees, according to American media.

Airbnb had originally planned to market its shares at a price range of $ 44 to $ 50 per unit, a range raised a few days later to $ 56-60, before climbing Wednesday night to $ 68.

The group created in 2008 now has four million hosts and more than 825 million customers.

Airbnb’s valuation rose to $ 31 billion during a fundraiser in spring 2017 before falling to $ 18 billion in April, according to CNBC.

The group was then hit hard by the health measures imposed around the world – its turnover for the first nine months of 2020 plunged 32% over one year. The company had to urgently raise $ 2 billion to deal with the crisis and lay off a quarter of its employees.

This allowed him to raise his head during the summer vacation: from July to September, the platform earned $ 219 million.

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