Infotech Airbus: “The bird remains an essential form of inspiration for aviation”

Airbus: “The bird remains an essential form of inspiration for aviation”

He is the man who oversees the design of the planes of tomorrow. Jean-Brice Dumont, executive director of engineering and vice-president of European giant Airbus, is at the head of all innovations for the aircraft of tomorrow. According to this leader of the Council for Civil Aeronautical Research (Corac), it is certain: in 2049, the aircraft will be clean, safer, more resistant, more pleasant… and perhaps closer to nature.

In 2049, will we be able to take a clean plane that no longer pollutes? Or do you think the “shame of stealing” – the flygskam from Sweden – will have overthrown the aviation industry?

Airbus is committed to marketing its hydrogen aircraft in 2035 – a form of clean energy since it does not emit CO2. So, in 2049, the environmental transition will have already advanced because we will be on our second generation of “clean aircraft”. Today we are working on three hydrogen aircraft concepts, the most surprising and the most ambitious of which will be an aircraft no longer resembling a tube, but a triangle. A sort of flying wing. This is not a fad, but the answer to a thorny problem: hydrogen is an excellent fuel, more efficient than kerosene, but it occupies four times the volume and it must be stored at – 253 ° C. This leads to storage difficulties for an aircraft. If we do not find the sufficient volume for the tanks in the device, it will be doomed to perform only short distances. VS

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