Top Stories Al-Arada to the US envoy: There is an unjustified international inaction towards the crimes of the Houthi militia

Al-Arada to the US envoy: There is an unjustified international inaction towards the crimes of the Houthi militia

Marib Governor Sultan Al-Arada discussed, in a video call, with the US envoy to Yemen, Timothy Linder King, the latest developments in the governorate in light of the military escalation of the Houthi militia and the violations and humanitarian crimes committed by the militia against civilians.

The governor touched on the Houthi militia’s continuous military offensive against the governorate since 2015 and the continuous escalation for more than two years, in an effort to achieve some field gains, taking advantage of the unjustified inaction of the international community towards the crimes, dangerous escalation and humanitarian violations it perpetrated against civilians in the governorate, which It contains millions of displaced people.

He pointed out that this escalation confirms that the Houthi militia does not believe in peace and does not attach any importance to the international community’s calls for peace and stopping the war. It is currently located in the capital, Sana’a.

The governor reviewed aspects of the military escalation and the humanitarian crimes of the Houthi militia towards the governorate by opening new fighting fronts in southern Marib, Shabwa and Al-Bayda, and its imposed siege on the Al-Abdiyyah district and its 37,000 residents, most of whom are children and women, and preventing them from food, medicine, water and other basic needs. By bombing villages and civilian homes with ballistic missiles, heavy artillery and tanks, and bombing the only hospital in the district, although medicines ran out of it, and it was crowded with wounded and civilians.

Al-Arada stressed that the people of the Abdiya district are subjected to genocide under siege by the Houthi militia, without regard to international statements and condemnations, which requires the international community to take a firm stance and bold decisions to classify this militia as a group. terrorist and prosecuting its leaders in international courts for trial as war criminals, as what they are doing towards the Abdiya district is classified by international law human Among the crimes of genocide.

He pointed to the Houthi militia’s targeting of civilians in the provincial capital and other directorates and displacement camps with ballistic missiles and drones, the latest of which was the bombing of Al-Rawda neighborhood, which caused the death and injury of 35 civilians, most of whom are children and women, and these crimes the international community must refer to the Criminal Court. international law so that the perpetrators do not go unpunished.

For his part, the US envoy condemned the recent Houthi escalation towards the governorates of Marib, Shabwa and Al-Bayda, denouncing the massive siege on the Al-Abdiya district and exposing 37,000 people to genocide.

He stressed the need for the Houthi militia to stop its military attack on the Ma’rib Governorate and the Abdiya district, and to quickly open safe corridors to enter the needs. the basic For civilians, medicine and medical staff.

He also condemned the deliberate and repeated targeting of civilians, civilian neighborhoods, and displaced persons in the Ma’rib governorate with ballistic missiles and marches, which exposes the perpetrators to international accountability to achieve justice, stressing the need to spare civilians from conflict and targeting, and that these actions contradict peace efforts in Yemen and stop the war.

The US envoy affirmed his country’s position in support of legitimacy and its support for the efforts of the UN envoy to bring peace to Yemen and stop the war, expressing his appreciation for the concessions made by the legitimate government for the success of efforts to achieve peace.


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