Auto Al-Babtain is the exclusive distributor of INEOS Grenadier 4X4.

Al-Babtain is the exclusive distributor of INEOS Grenadier 4X4.

Ghazi Al-Babtain: We will provide customers with a high-level performance and driving experience with Grenadier cars.

The partnership reflects the firm confidence in Al-Babtain, which is expanding and becoming more successful with the presence of a team of the best competencies.

Abdulmohsin Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Company has been officially approved as the exclusive distributor of INEOS Grenadier for the INEOS Grenadier 4X4 in Kuwait. The senior management teams of the two companies met at the Al Babtain Group headquarters to finalize the agreement and develop the launch plan for the INEOS Grenadier 4X4.

Ghazi Al-Babtain, CEO of Business Development at Al-Babtain Group, said, “We are pleased to cooperate with a new and distinguished brand in the automotive world, so that with the presence of (Grenadier) cars, we can offer our distinguished customers in Kuwait a high-level performance and driving experience.”

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He added that this partnership reflects the deep-rooted confidence in Al-Babtain, which is expanding and becoming increasingly successful with the presence of a team of the best competencies, pointing to the design and engineering of INEOS Grenadier by specialists and engineers who sought to fill a noticeable void in the car market and provide a powerful 4X4 vehicle capable of It gets the job done successfully, and it has durability, strength, modern design and practicality.

He added that this new agreement constitutes a prominent occasion to confirm Al-Babtain’s commitment and success, which spans over 70 years of achievements, in which it provided its customers with a satisfactory experience focused on innovation and a passion for excellence.

Distinguished and pioneering

The INEOS Grenadier was designed from scratch to be distinguished and ahead of others, inspired by the highest international standards and standards. Therefore, its industry was unique by combining the British heritage in the automotive industry, German innovation in design and strength, to make the new “Grenadier” a qualitative addition that is the best in the world. Its class with four-wheel drive vehicles capable of defying all odds and different roads, while maintaining its strength, stability and durability.

For his part, Regional Director for Britain, Middle East and North Africa at INEOS Automotive, Gary Pearson, said, “We have worked diligently for an entire year to select our ideal business partner with whom we share a passion and passion for the Grenadier.”

He pointed out that Al-Babtain was chosen with its deep understanding and distinguished and exceptional experience in the SUV market, and the needs and expectations of customers of this type of car in terms of service and peace of mind, stressing its aspiration to provide the brand’s customers with more than their expectations in terms of service and support.

The Grenadier comes in a simple, basic model that can be considered by the customers who wish to own it as a base to easily choose and design their perfect version from a wide range of options and accessories.

Practical features of these cars include a two-section tailgate (30:70), integrated roof rails, the ability to choose and add accessories and lights on demand, and a wide front bumper. The company adopts an open source approach, which means that customers can add more accessories and accessories, which meet the tastes and needs of each individual customer.

Spaciousness and luxury

The “Grenadier” is distinguished by its luxurious, comfortable interior and rich in technology that customers expect. The keyboard and gauges are designed in a convenient and clear way that allows the driver to control them easily while driving. This comes in addition to a screen that combines the car’s infotainment functions, and controls on the roof panel for off-road driving, with the strong rubber flooring, the sturdy and comfortable “RECARO” seats and the spacious rear storage spaces, to make the “Grenadier” the perfect companion for all missions and all adventures.

The Grenadier has undergone record tests for distances of 1.8 million kilometers, which makes INEOS fully confident in its highest levels of performance, power and efficiency.

The company offers its customers peace of mind through a 5-year guarantee, regardless of the meter, in addition to the presence of a technical, engineering and marketing team always ready to provide support and advice after the sale.

Al-Babtain invited all those interested and lovers of modern cars to visit the INEOS Grenadier website ( to learn more about this car, and to register their reservation requests for this exceptional modern car, which is considered one of the best modern, powerful and practical 4×4 models.

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