Top Stories Al-Dailami .. A flag of renewal

Al-Dailami .. A flag of renewal

In his translation of the scholar Taher bin Yahya Abi al-Khair al-Amrani, the scholar, historian Ismail bin Ali al-Akwa, may God have mercy on him, mentioned in his book The Abandonment of Knowledge and its strongholds that this world was born from genius and distinction, which made it the sole of its age and the fabric of its own. Distorting his discretionary views, and distorting them among the public, who complained about him to his father and was a scientist, so Taher Al-Omrani asked them to debate in the presence of his father, so they agreed immediately, and they thought that in large numbers they were able to discredit him and appear on him, so it was a major debate attended by a large crowd of scholars, and the debate ended only And a large group of scholars have sided with him and recognized him with the merit, while his opponents kept silent the silence of the graves in front of the strength of his arguments and the power of his evidence, so what was from his father except that he stood in the presence commenting on what was going on in the debate, then he concluded his speech by saying: Amat mentioned by the bad country – he meant Yemen, then he added: By God, if my son could go out to the country in which knowledge was honored, to elevate the rank of Imam

And this saying of Al-Amrani, the father, summarizes the tragedy of science and scholars in a country that is deadly remembered, and denies their virtue, and makes the hardworking scientist one of the people, and even more so that he lures fools and stolen people to abuse them falsely and in shame, as if that is a case inherent to the prominent in this country, the examples of that There are many. Indeed, it can be said that the pioneers of the School of Jurisprudence Renewal in Yemen have suffered a lot of harm, and what news of Al-Muqbili, Ibn Al-Wazir, Al-Shawkani and Ibn Al-Amir are far from that.

And because Dr. Abdel Wahab Al-Dailami, may God have mercy on him, is a living extension of this school. He is the hardworking jurist, the brilliant interpreter, and the updated scholar, and the paid pens have set out to defame him and do not wrestle with anything from the sanctity of a science, or the status of a scientist.

It can be said that the most prominent features of innovation for Dr. Al-Dailami are summarized in several matters, including the diversity of his scientific presentation between jurisprudence, hadith, interpretation, thought and advocacy, and all of that is teaching and authoring.

Including: his deep jurisprudential discussions that reflect the breadth of knowledge, power of awareness, and ingenuity of deduction, as in his book Issues that concern the Muslim woman, his book The Felony of Zaydis Pretenders against Zaidism, and his book The Controls of Fatwa

Including: In-depth Quranic studies, as in his two books: Milestones of Islamic Society in Surat Al-Ahzab, and Milestones of Da`wah in Stories of the Holy Quran.

Including: his understanding of the jurisprudential heritage, understanding and management, and working to bring some of the treasures of this heritage to light, and in this regard he has investigated a number of books, including the book Clear Evidence and Explanation by Muhammad Ismail al-Amir.

What is important in his scientific career is that it was strengthened with teaching activity for more than five decades, whether at Sana’a University, and a number of Yemeni, Arab and Islamic universities, or in the circles of mosques in Yemen and abroad.

May God have mercy on Dr. Al-Dailami, for he lived in the niches of knowledge, sincere and impious, known for his great humility and gentleness of character.

Dr. Al-Dailami was born in 1938 in the city of Dhamar, and studied on a number of scholars in Yemen, Egypt and the Hijaz, and obtained a master’s degree from Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah in 1978, so a doctorate degree from Muhammad bin Saud University in Riyadh in 1984 and was elected a member of the House of Representatives in 1988, and held A number of teaching and government positions, and he was appointed Minister of Justice in 1994.


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