Top Stories Al-Eryani: The Houthi militia’s recruitment of children is an unprecedented genocide

Al-Eryani: The Houthi militia’s recruitment of children is an unprecedented genocide

The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Muammar Al-Iryani, affirmed that the unprecedented genocidal crimes that the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia is doing with thousands of flower-aged children with extremist terrorist ideas imported from Iran, and their recruitment into its ranks and throwing them on various battle fronts, are unprecedented crimes of genocide. An example of the right of childhood in light of a shameful and unjustified international silence

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), Muammar Al-Eryani stated that the estimates published by specialized organizations indicate that the terrorist Houthi militia has recruited tens of thousands of children since its coup against the state, and took them intimidation and intimidation from their homes and classrooms from various areas of its control, and forced them into incinerators. Death and they ended between dead and captive, and people with permanent disabilities.

Al-Eryani warned that the terrorist Houthi militia would increase the frequency of recruiting children in the areas under its control after its escalation. the last one And what continues in the various fronts of Marib Governorate, and the severe losses the militia suffered and the near depletion of its human stockpile after it plunged thousands of its members into suicide attacks.

Iryani called the international community And nations The United Nations and the United Nations and American envoys to Yemen and human rights and child protection organizations to take responsible positions regarding the genocide crimes committed by the terrorist Houthi militia against children in Yemen, and to pressure the militia to immediately stop their recruitment and use in hostilities.


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