Top Stories Al-Hijri: We appreciate China’s efforts to build bridges of communication with Yemeni parties

Al-Hijri: We appreciate China’s efforts to build bridges of communication with Yemeni parties

A member of the Supreme Council of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, Head of the Parliamentary Bloc, Representative Abdul Razzaq Al-Hajri, valued what China has provided and provided to Yemen in various fields, especially in the areas of development from an early age, leading to assistance in confronting the Corona epidemic.

This came in a speech delivered by Al-Hijri during his participation in the dialogue session held by the Foreign Relations Department of the Chinese Communist Party and the virtual session between the party and Yemeni parties.

Al-Hajri expressed his thanks to China for its efforts to strengthen and consolidate the relationship between the Yemeni parties and the Communist Party, and ultimately to strengthen the relations of the two friendly countries and peoples in the Republic of Yemen and the People’s Republic of China.

He stressed that Islah’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party is constantly strengthening as a true friendship in light of continuous communication, thanking the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Yemen Kang Yang for his vital roles in this aspect, hoping that this relationship will flourish within the framework of the established relations between the two countries and peoples.

The member of the High Commission for Reform expressed pride in the historically-established relations between the two countries, which have been consolidated since the September 26 revolution, explaining that today they are more firmly established, reflecting the Chinese position in support of Yemeni legitimacy and efforts to establish peace in accordance with the three agreed references.

He pointed to the erosion of political work since the coup of the Houthi militia, which blew up the national dialogue and its outcomes, agreed upon by all Yemeni forces, and confiscated the entire political life in favor of the militia gangs, which is rejected by all Yemenis, who hope that political life will return to the militia’s areas of control, to prevail. The language of peace and dialogue, which is a companion to peaceful political action.

Al-Hijri said that the events of the last two years confirm beyond any doubt that humanity needs to strengthen the common human bonds to establish a human society, and to overcome the state of conflicts that have exhausted humanity and harmed poor countries, which necessitates the major countries, foremost of which is the People’s Republic of China, to make their efforts In order to build a society of humanity in which the human being is the highest value.

He expressed his hope that China would achieve a historic achievement for humanity through the “Belt and Road” in a manner that improves the economic and social conditions of the countries and communities through which the vital project passes. .

The member of the High Commission for Reform stressed the importance of commitment to cooperation and mutual benefit for development, strengthening the values ​​of partnership and consultation, expanding areas of cooperation, helping Yemen to achieve development and creating new points for economic growth and employment, for the sake of economic growth and better people’s livelihood.

He renewed his confidence that this project will work on updates and revive opportunities in order to achieve the goals for which it was found, foremost of which is the humanitarian community.

He expressed his great appreciation for the interest that the Chinese Communist Party attaches to building bridges of communication with the Yemeni parties, led by our party, the Yemeni Islah Party, for solid relations, welcoming this communication, which we hope will serve to strengthen the historical relations of the two countries.


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