Top Stories Al Jaber: There is a major international move to classify the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization

Al Jaber: There is a major international move to classify the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization

The Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Muhammad Al Jaber, said that the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince stress the importance of Yemen’s growth and development to be in accordance with the Gulf system.

In an interview with Okaz newspaper, he revealed in an audio space via Twitter that there is a very big international move towards classifying the Houthi militia as a terrorist entity, pointing out that the Arab decision and the consensus that took place in Kuwait was a confirmation of this trend, and building on that will continue. Al Jaber stressed that coordination with the brothers in the UAE is very high with regard to Yemen, and the UAE plays a huge and very big role in support of the role of Saudi Arabia and the brothers in Yemen to achieve stability, construction and peace.

He stressed that the terrorist Houthi group does not only threaten Yemenis, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the Gulf states, but also threatens the entire international community.

The Saudi ambassador accused the Iranian regime of creating chaos and demolishing countries by exploiting conflicts and creating hostility between the sons of the one nation and the sons of Arabism, stressing that it is a regime that starved its people and destroyed the infrastructure in its lands. He reiterated that the Persian regime is a fundamental spoiler, and “the malignant plant of the Iranian regime will not grow anywhere. We are the sons of Arabism.”

He said that there are two projects, one of which is a peace and development project led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the other is a project of sabotage and chaos led by Iran, stressing that the development project will succeed, and the Iranian project will fail.

He disclosed that Saudi Arabia provided about $7 billion to support the Yemeni economy, in the form of oil derivatives, deposits in the Central Bank of Yemen, and other various aspects of support.

Al Jaber added, “Yemen is linked by 1,400 kilometers from the neighborhood. They were with us, we will be with them, and we will continue.” This large Gulf system enjoys security and stability far from the frivolous Iranian hands.

He stressed that the guardian’s directives are to present the moral and legal duty to our brothers, and the duty to restore the state and security to the stability of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and to protect the shipping lanes in the Red Sea.

He explained that the Kingdom and the Gulf states presented a Gulf initiative in 2011 and then supported the Yemeni dialogue and all means and tools for peace in Yemen.

Al Jaber stressed that the goal is to support the peaceful transfer of power and to enhance the transitional period and an opportunity for political transition, and what happened is that Iran wants to create chaos, exploited conflicts, destroyed the hopes of Yemenis, destroyed the country, and offended the Yemeni people and all international efforts, not only Gulf efforts, and therefore the international community stood by one position until this moment. In the face of Iranian intransigence and arrogance.

He stated that the international community had repeatedly tried to give the Houthis an opportunity for peace, which happened in Kuwait, and before that in Geneva, and participated in all these dialogues, and we reached a peace agreement, but the militia rejected it, and Iran supported it in this direction, so Houthi refused all that and insisted on killing the Yemeni people in arrogance and stubbornness


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