Top Stories Al-Jaradi: Houthi racism is nourished by a satanic superiority

Al-Jaradi: Houthi racism is nourished by a satanic superiority

Ali Al-Jaradi, the head of the media department of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, said, “Racism (Houthi) in Yemen is nourished by a superior, satanic culture that adorns its bearer that he is better than the rest of the Yemenis and that he is of different genes and a descendant of a distinct race.”

Al-Jaradi added in an article he published on his Facebook page, “This deadly delusion prompted him to shed the blood and money of Yemenis, to take the morsel from the mouth of the hungry, and to deprive them of the necessities of their lives.”

Al-Jaradi pointed out that most of the wars and bloodshed between the people of the same country had its beginnings with a language of hatred and arrogance justified by ethnic, sectarian or geographic racism, then the hatred turned into bullets, massacres, ruin and destruction.

He explained that the pretenders of selection and discrimination carry the seeds of violence and hatred, and every idea detracts from the brother of the homeland and the home.

And he stated in his article, “Before he aimed his stab at slaughtering his brother and leaving him dead, there was an idea that had been brewing in his head for a long time that justified and motivated him and pushed him to commit the killing of life and sever ways of coexistence and the bonds of brotherhood, neighborhood and human joints. Decades ago, one of their imams said (God does not ask me about what I took from them, but He asks me about what I kept for them).“.

He added, “under any cloak and looking for separation and differences that lead to hatred and violence and instill in awareness and conscience justifications for the use of violence and hostility. The spears are the product of tireless work of thoughts, words, expressions and symbols that seek to distinguish one group and despise another. Then the result will be social hatred, conflict, strife and the squawking of owls on the ruins of their homes.”

He continued by saying, “How great and venerable is the teacher of mankind and the seal of lights, Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, when he became angry and described those who believed that the black color was distinguished from the white, and both of them were from the earth. One society leads to hatred and ruin.

He pointed out that those who believe that they are of different races, genes, geography and colors from the rest of mankind, represent Satan’s idea of ​​himself (I am better than him, you created me from fire and created him from clay).


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