Top Stories Al-Jaradi: On May 22, the Yemenis achieved the great dream, and the stage calls for a review of priorities

Al-Jaradi: On May 22, the Yemenis achieved the great dream, and the stage calls for a review of priorities

The head of the media department of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, Ali Al-Jaradi, said that he does not remember that Yemenis witnessed a moment of joy and pride as the dawn of May 22, 1990.

He pointed out in an article on the occasion of Unity Day, May 22, the national holiday of the Republic of Yemen, that unity was accompanied by the declaration of partisan pluralism and freedom of the press.

Al-Jaradi stressed that the Yemenis accomplished, at a favorable moment, a dream of the size of Yemen, but the political and administrative mechanisms failed to translate unity into content that takes into account the interests and rights of the people.

He explained that the author of the fusion decision was Ali Salem al-Beidh, while Ali Abdullah Saleh expected a confederal or federal union at best, but Ali Salem al-Beidh put forward the fusion unit, a mood commensurate with the aspirations of the Yemenis who were one people in two states.

Al-Jaradi praised the 2011 revolution, saying that it came to restore the meaning of unity and hand over the flag of Yemen to a southern figure to restore consideration to the meaning of unity, which was the dream of Yemenis and the slogan of their struggles in the past decades.

He added, “Then the outcomes of the national dialogue came to add another consideration to the political and economic partnership between the people of the same country.”

The head of Al-Islah media pointed out that “in 2014, with the Houthi group announcing the coup against the outcomes of the national dialogue, we lost the Yemeni state, and the talk about unity and separation in light of the loss of the state and the continuation of the coup as an existential threat to the south, north, east and west requires reviewing priorities and restoring the state so that Yemenis can agree on Political mechanisms that guarantee a true partnership and a balance of political and economic interests.

He continued, “In the event of the restoration of the state and without restoring it in peace or war, all of Yemen in all its directions will be threatened on an existential basis by a sectarian group that implements an Iranian agenda that makes Yemen a barrel of a gun firing its bullets in every direction.”

Al-Jaradi stressed that Riyadh’s consultations came from this perspective to restructure Yemeni legitimacy and form the Presidency Council to represent all the people of Yemen and all its anti-coup forces, so that the Presidency Council has a top priority, which is restoring the state.

He made it clear that this will not be possible without the unification of the military and security forces according to the unification of the political decision in the Presidency Council, the government, parliament and the rest of the state institutions, and the unification of economic resources and the payment of the salaries of state employees, military, civilians and retirees.

He pointed out that the most dangerous thing that societies face in their unity and cultural identity is the emergence of hate speech that derives its roots from sectarian, geographic, ethnic or sectarian dimensions.

Al-Jaradi warned that this discourse that sows fragmentation and hatred in societies is superior to bullets in tearing the fabric of societies, given its devastating effects as it is a successful recipe for tearing and fueling wars.

And he added, “As much as the people of the north need the support of their brothers, the people of the south, in the face of Iran’s ambitions in the north and south, the people of the south need the Greater Yemen for the survival of the south, and Yemen is one that is guarded by the unity of its sons in the face of international ambitions and the variables of conflict and competition over international corridors and Yemeni islands with an international strategic location.


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