Top Stories Al-Maqdashi: The army will soon join forces with the giants to complete the liberation of Marib and move to the neighboring governorates

Al-Maqdashi: The army will soon join forces with the giants to complete the liberation of Marib and move to the neighboring governorates

Defense Minister Lieutenant-General Muhammad al-Maqdashi confirmed that the army and resistance forces will soon join forces with their fellow giants to complete the liberation of what remains of Marib and move to the neighboring governorates.

This came during his inspection today of the conduct of combat operations on the southern fronts in Ma’rib Governorate, and the field victories achieved by the heroes of the national army against the Iranian Houthi militia, according to the Yemeni news agency “Saba”.

Where he visited the front lines and sites that were recently liberated from the Houthi coup militia, and chaired a meeting of the leaders of the third, sixth and seventh military regions and leaders of the axes and combat sectors.

And he heard from the commanders of the third, sixth and seventh regions, Major General P.S.C. Mansour Thawabeh, Major General P.S.C. Heikal Hantaf and Major General Muhammad Rassam, for summary reports on the progress of operations and the level of implementation of the tasks assigned according to the drawn plans, conveying to them the greetings of the political leadership represented by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the Supreme Commander of the Forces. The armed forces.. He praised the precious sacrifices made by the heroes in various fields and with them all the free and honorable, which will remain a pride for successive generations and immortal in the brightest pages of history.

The Al-Maqdisi team blessed the Yemeni people with the great victories that have been achieved since the start of the military operations in Shabwa Governorate, and what the heroes of the army, the giants brigades, and the Happy Yemen Forces, backed by the resistance and tribesmen, wrote in immortal epics in order to defeat the aggressor invaders, which culminated in the liberation of the districts of Baihan and the Harib district, and the recent advances made on the Ma’rib fronts. He considered these victories the fruit of national cohesion and the unity of the republican rank.. He stressed that the fate of the Houthis and the Iranian project is to come to an end, and that victory for Yemen and its identity will be near.

He stressed that the Houthi militia is witnessing widespread collapse in its ranks after the painful blows it received during the last period on the fronts of Shabwa and Marib, and that the surge that it experienced during the past months, with the direct planning and supervision of terrorist leaders in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, was the beginning of the end of this subversive project that threatens the security of Yemen and the region.

The Minister of Defense valued the sincere brotherly role of the countries of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and their great efforts in support of the liberation process and effective air support, which greatly contributed to achieving these transformations and breaking the Houthi impulse. Iranian that poses a threat to Yemen and for security Arab and regional.

For his part, the commander of the third military region, Major General P.S.C. Mansour Thawabeh, said that the heroes of the army made great advances during the past hours on the southern fronts of Marib and were able to liberate large areas that were under the control of the militia, pointing to the advances made by the heroes of the giants after the completion of the liberation of the Harib district.


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