Auto Al Mulla Automobiles is the best Mercedes-Benz distributor in developing human resources

Al Mulla Automobiles is the best Mercedes-Benz distributor in developing human resources

Al Mulla Automobiles, a member of Al Mulla Group and the only authorized distributor of Mercedes-Benz cars in Kuwait, was awarded the “Best Distributor in Human Resources Development” award from the international company Mercedes-Benz, during a ceremony honoring and distributing awards to distributors. It was held in Dubai, in the presence of a selection of distributors for the brand’s cars in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

This award is an indication of the success of Al Mulla Automobiles’ vision in consolidating its leading position among the authorized distributors of Mercedes-Benz cars, and in recognition of its outstanding achievements in training and developing the skills of its employees, with the aim of strengthening its leadership position in the region, being the authorized and exclusive distributor of Mercedes-Benz cars. ” in Kuwait.

Walid Khalil

Imad Fleihan, head of the Automotive Sector Group at Al Mulla Group, expressed his happiness at receiving the “Best Distributor in Human Resources Development for the year 2021” award, among a list that includes Mercedes-Benz distributors in several continents.

He said that this achievement reflects Al Mulla’s keenness to excel and excel in all the work it undertakes, and embodies the great interest that the group attaches to developing and training its work teams, which is represented by the highest standards of customer service it provides to our customers in various business sectors, stressing the aspiration to continue developing performance. And always provide the best in all aspects of business.

For his part, Steve Brown, Head of Mercedes-Benz Sector at Al Mulla Automobiles, said that receiving the award for the best distributor in human resource development from Mercedes-Benz International is a tribute to the outstanding performance of the company’s team.

He added that obtaining this award comes thanks to the sincerity and dedication of all employees, especially those in charge of training and development programs and operational units, and reflects the tireless efforts of the administrative team to contribute to the development and improvement of performance levels.

Brown added that in 2021, employees who deal directly with customers in “Al Mulla Automobiles” received an average of 8.5 training days for each participant, while technical employees received an average of 11 training days for each participant, pointing out that employees who deal directly with customers. They received 4 times the required training days, while the technical staff received twice the required training days.

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