Auto “Al Mulla” is the authorized and exclusive distributor of “BRABUS”… and a new showroom in Al Rayy

“Al Mulla” is the authorized and exclusive distributor of “BRABUS”… and a new showroom in Al Rayy

Gulf Trading Group, a subsidiary of Al Mulla Group, has signed a partnership agreement with the leading German company “BRABUS GmbH”, which has more than 40 years of experience in introducing distinctive modifications and additions to Mercedes-Benz cars to become unique in their looks and performance.

Gulf Trading Group (GTG), as the sole and authorized distributor of the “BRABUS” brand in accordance with the terms of this agreement, opened a special showroom and exclusive sales and services center for all products, modified vehicles and products of the “BRABUS” brand in Al Rai area in Kuwait.

Founded in 1977 in Bottrop, Germany, BRABUS GmbH is a world-renowned manufacturer of aftermarket modifications and additions to high-performance cars. It maintains its regional office, BRABUS Middle East, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is its legal representative. And technical support center in the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

BRABUS is one of the most famous modifications and additions to Mercedes-Benz cars after Mercedes-AMG and has a large presence in more than 100 countries around the world.

“On behalf of Al Khaleej Trading Group and Al Mulla Group, we are pleased to expand our business activity with the opening of our new showroom, and to be the authorized and exclusive distributor of BRABUS products and services in Kuwait,” said Imad Fleihan, Head of Automotive Sector at Al Mulla Group.

He added that “BRABUS” is one of the leading brands in the introduction of modifications and high-performance tuning for “Mercedes” cars in the world, expressing Al Mulla’s pride in reaching an agreement to represent this prestigious brand, and its aspiration to provide customers in Kuwait with an outstanding level of products, services and modifications. The quality the brand is known for.

Fleihan stated that BRABUS, which has expanded its services to include the renewal of old cars, is working diligently to achieve the maximum performance of the vehicle by increasing the capacity and power of the engine and the movement of the car, in addition to providing modifications to its appearance according to customer requests. Pointing out that it offers cosmetic modifications that include body kits, Carbon fiber splitters, multi-piece alloy wheels.

He stated that other modifications include Limited-Split Racing exhaust systems (LSD), 12-piston disc brakes, and engine rebuilding, noting that customers can also perform complete engine repairs or obtain new engines.

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