Auto Al-Mutawa wa Al-Qadhi unveils Concept EnLight

Al-Mutawa wa Al-Qadhi unveils Concept EnLight

The “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi” group, the authorized agent of “GAC MOTOR” in Kuwait, unveiled the “Concept EnLight” electric smart car that embodies the concept of dynamic, sustainable and intelligent driving.

With its charming design, unique appearance and attractive, harmonious and graceful structure, the vehicle enhances the brand’s fleet to keep pace with the large customers’ aspirations and modern aspirations.

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This ultra-advanced car uses the latest advanced technologies and futuristic design concepts. Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadhi invited all customers to visit its most luxurious showrooms in Al-Tilal Mall, to learn more about “Concept Enlight” with its advanced technologies, and its amazing sporty flow that was engineered with youthful designs according to strict standards On the quality, the new energy system is the most advanced and efficient.

“Enlight” comes to represent a quantum leap in the path of renewed innovation for “GAC Motor”, the globally prestigious in the automotive industry, which has won the “JD Power” award for quality for 8 years.

This smart electric vehicle applies the latest advanced technologies and the most futuristic design concepts with a naturally smooth and balanced driving experience.

The car features butterfly-wing doors with the provision of self-driving and manual modes, to achieve independent four-wheel drive driving thanks to the motors in the wheels.

The dashboard is also distinguished by its striking design, covered with the finest types of leather, and it contains amazing features and advantages through comfortable and uncomplicated control, including the response of the car’s steering wheel and the driver’s seat to movement commands and the adjustment of position in an impressive way that makes every detail of the car available to the driver.

Concept EnLight carries a forward-looking concept that represents the highest level of independent research and development for the Institute of Automotive Engineering at GAC Motor, with unparalleled technological capabilities, as it came as the fruit of strenuous efforts in employing technology and integrating applications to move forward in the direction of reaching the top. .

GAC Motor seeks to expand its global network of research and development supported by the technology center, major suppliers and research institutes, which together have formed multi-platform units to design and manufacture different vehicle models while integrating technologies used in the fields of autonomous driving, the new energy vehicle and the mobile internet.

Innovation in the first place “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadhi” stated that “GAC Motor” has entered a new era in the automotive industry, by focusing primarily on innovation and achieving technological breakthroughs in the automotive industry.

The company added that the “Concept Enlight”, the smart electric car, is a “Super” car in its modern, harmonious shape and outgoing spirit, as words will not describe it as much as the eyes describe it when viewing it in its exhibitions.

This comes at a time when the Chinese brand in Kuwait has, over the past years, been able to achieve great success, and to enhance customer confidence in “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi”, and with what it offers of cars with distinct standard specifications and competitive prices, which makes it the most suitable choice for those wishing to acquire an elegant, smart and economical car. And practical.

The «Concept Enlight» is an advanced concept car and provides the brand with strong confidence and support for progressive development towards the highest level in the automotive industry through innovation and creativity.

GAC Motor, which was launched in 2008, was able in just 3 years to capture the largest percentage of auto sales growth in China, and then moved into the world markets, achieving distinguished sales figures, taking advantage of the experience of its parent company in the automotive industry of many brands. Such as “Honda”, “Mitsubishi”, “Toyota”, “Fiat”, “Hino” trucks, “Jeep” and “Chrysler”.

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