Top Stories Al-Saadi: The Houthi militia has militarized the city and port of Hodeidah

Al-Saadi: The Houthi militia has militarized the city and port of Hodeidah

Yemen’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Saadi, confirmed that the Houthi coup militias militarized the city and port of Hodeidah, in flagrant violation of the Stockholm Agreement, and planted landmines in large areas of the governorate.

This came during his meeting today with the head of the United Nations Mission to Support the Hudaydah Agreement, General Michael Perry, during the latter’s visit to New York to participate in the Security Council session on Yemen that took place on Tuesday.

Al-Saadi referred to the developments in the implementation of the armistice agreement announced by the United Nations Special Envoy, which the Presidential Leadership Council and the Yemeni government are keen to confirm despite the intransigence shown by the Houthi militias and their lack of seriousness in engaging in good faith with these efforts.

He stressed the need to fully implement the terms of the UN armistice to achieve its humanitarian goals, including lifting the siege completely on Taiz and opening the main roads, stressing the need for the Houthis to commit to depositing Hodeidah port revenues from oil derivatives to the central bank in Hodeidah and harnessing them to pay public sector salaries in areas under control Houthis.


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