Auto Al-Sayer Holding Company wins the second place in social responsibility in the Middle East

Al-Sayer Holding Company wins the second place in social responsibility in the Middle East

Al-Sayer Holding Company won second place in the 13th Arab Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Middle East, in the large business category.

The head of the Civil Aviation Department in Ras Al Khaimah, Engineer Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, sponsored, on October 6, the ceremony announcing the winners of the awards of the thirteenth session of the “Arab Corporate Social Responsibility Award” organized by the Arab Network for Corporate Social Responsibility, which is one of the first celebrations. Non-hypothetical since the outbreak of the “Covid-19” epidemic in the world.

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The awards, also called the “Green Oscar in the Middle East”, honored the initiatives and practices of corporate social responsibility launched by 20 entities in the region to achieve sustainable development.

The winners were chosen from among the applicants from 9 countries in the Middle East, whose applications included 34 different sectors, including the automotive sector.

Al-Sayer Holding won second place in the Large Business category in the Middle East for the third year in a row.

Mohammed Nasser Al-Sayer, Executive Board Member and Chair of the Sustainability Committee at Al-Sayer Holding, expressed his pride that the group was among the 20 winners of sustainability pioneers in the Middle East, who were selected based on a set of global principles, which are the standards of the United Nations Global Compact. Global Reporting Initiative standards, the European Foundation for Quality Management model, and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

He pointed out that the above was shown in the Al-Sayer Sustainability Report in 2018 and 2019, which highlighted its commitment to encouraging and inspiring its stakeholders, to embrace sustainability in all elements of their daily lives, and to create lasting positive change for all today and in the future by working together.

Al-Sayer added that one of the challenges is moving forward during the “Covid-19” crisis, which constituted the biggest challenge in a decade for the automotive sector, in order to ensure the safety of customers, employees and all stakeholders.

He stressed that the crisis highlighted the need to take urgent measures to alleviate the health and economic consequences of the epidemic, and pave the way for a lasting recovery, stressing that everyone needs to create proactive solutions to defeat this epidemic, while moving forward and cooperating together during these circumstances.

Habiba Al Marashi, President and Executive Director of the Arab Network for Corporate Social Responsibility, congratulated the winners, stressing the keenness since the launch of the Arab Corporate Social Responsibility Award in 2008 to lay solid foundations and accelerate the pace of growth for the best practices of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in the region, noting that it was an ambitious journey. To explore, recognize and share best practices at the national, regional and global levels.

She added, “In conjunction with our endeavor to address the challenges posed by the (Covid-19) pandemic and adapt to the new reality, the Arab region has demonstrated its perseverance in launching corporate social responsibility initiatives in an effort to enhance social welfare, preserve the environment and achieve economic growth.”

She stated that these efforts are an inevitable necessity in today’s world, and that the actions undertaken by various institutions to enhance their activities committed to the corporate social responsibility deserve all praise and appreciation.

Al Marashi stated that regardless of their size or sector, organizations have shown a continuous focus to make the world a better place to live by consolidating the foundations of solid cooperative relationships.

This comes at a time when the United Nations called this year to unify the efforts of the public and private sectors around the world to address the repercussions of the global pandemic, and to outline recovery strategies and plans to achieve its sustainable development goals.

The winners of the thirteenth session of the “Arab Award for Corporate Social Responsibility” laid the criteria for flexibility and worked to raise the levels of quality in their work, despite the challenges they faced in the operational processes.

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