Auto Al-Sayer unveils the all-new Toyota Lite Ace

Al-Sayer unveils the all-new Toyota Lite Ace

Bader Al-Sayer: The vehicle is a quantum leap within Toyota’s sales solutions and is ideal for freight and order delivery operations
– Tizini: The car provides integrated, safe, smooth and cost-effective mobility solutions
Fujita: “Lite Ace” was developed for individuals and companies and combines spaciousness and high payload capacity.
The exterior design is characterized by a short front end that gives a wide field of vision
Comfortable, reclining and sliding seats in multiple positions
The vehicle is equipped with the power steering system (EPS) as standard to reduce driving burdens
Payload capacity of 770 kg and space of 3.4 m3 with sliding doors on both sides

The Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons Corporation, along with Toyota, launched the new LITE ACE in Kuwait, as part of its commitment to providing freedom of movement for all and more peace of mind for its customers.

The company pointed out that this vehicle is characterized by practical features that combine ample cargo space, ease of loading goods, and fuel economy, in addition to many other advantages that will collectively redefine the compact commercial vehicle category in the region.

The launch event was attended by Bader Faisal Al-Sayer, Toyota Marketing Manager, Savio Alvares, Deputy General Manager for Toyota Fleet Sales, distinguished fleet customers, and members of the Toyota Sales team, in the presence of representatives from the press and media.

Bader Al-Sayer said: “This all-new commercial vehicle will be a quantum leap in (Toyota’s) sales solutions and is also ideal for wholesale customers for many uses such as freight operations and delivery of orders.”

He added, “We all know that the delivery and e-commerce sector is growing exponentially and continuously. Especially during the past three years, so the launch of the all-new Light Ace comes at an appropriate time for companies in this sector. We are convinced that it is the best investment for our clients.”

Toyota’s interest

He stated that the launch of the new vehicle reflects Toyota’s interest in providing vehicles that are not limited to a set of functional features, but also meet the growing and diversified requirements of the company’s distinguished customers, including companies that need compact transport vehicles, or companies specialized in logistics and delivery of shipments. Small, the new vehicle combines powerful performance and ultimate comfort, with a payload capacity of 770 kilograms and a cargo area of ​​3.4 cubic metres, as well as sliding doors on both sides for added convenience and practicality.

high reliability

For his part, the chief engineer of the new Toyota Light Ace, Masaharu Tizini, said: “The new Toyota Light Ace has been highly reliable and appreciated by loyal customers in the regions where it was launched. We are confident that it will satisfy individuals and companies in the Middle East and fulfill their aspirations, due to its integrated, safe, smooth and cost-effective transportation solutions, in addition to its many advantages, such as the powerful and economical engine, and the suspension system that provides a balance between increased stability When loading goods, and superior comfort while driving.”

New levels

For his part, Chief Representative of Toyota Representative Office in the Middle East and Central Asia, Kei Fujita, said: “We are pleased to launch the new Toyota Light Ace in the region, which will raise the category of compact commercial vehicles to new levels, thanks to its practical performance and high reliability. and the distinctive efficiency that it provides. The new Toyota Light Ace has been developed for individuals and companies looking for a vehicle that combines ample cargo space and high payload capacity with peace of mind while driving. I would like to thank our loyal customers in the Middle East for their continuous support that has always inspired us in our journey towards developing the best ever vehicles.”

Valuable Products

In turn, Savio Alvares, Deputy General Manager of Toyota Fleet Sales at Al-Sayer said: “Our business group is growing and developing and as of today we will meet the demands of a new category of pickup trucks with the launch of a new member of the all-new Toyota family (Toyota Light Ace). In 2019, we created the Small and Medium Enterprises Team – to focus on the requirements of small and medium businesses, complementing the requirements of the large business sector.”

He continued: “In addition, we help customers with service packages, insurance and other value-added products to provide you with a completely peace of mind buying experience and make the purchase cycle as easy and convenient as possible. Moreover, we have moved away from the traditional methods of providing new trucks to customers, and now we are, at the request of the customer, even installing refrigeration units, modifying shelves, painting, and any other special requirements.”

Max load

The new Toyota Light Ace is designed to provide maximum payload in a compact vehicle, while ensuring a comfortable driving experience and exceptional levels of maneuverability. The cockpit provides additional headroom for more comfort and practicality while driving, while the exterior design of the vehicle is characterized by a short front end that provides a wide field of vision for both the front and sides of the vehicle.

The lower side sills, which are only 425 mm in height, ensure easy entry into the cabin with ample legroom. The gearshift lever is positioned in the central instrument panel next to the steering wheel, making it easier to enter the front passenger seat, and the large LED taillights help LED light-emitting diode, in distinguishing the vehicle and the ability to be seen by the vehicles behind it in bad weather conditions, such as rain and fog, in order to provide a safer driving experience.


The interior gives the driver more convenience and peace of mind while driving, while the controls are positioned so that the driver can easily see and access them without changing the driving position, with ample storage spaces in different places distributed in an easy-to-use way.

The comfortable reclining and sliding seats come in multiple positions that give a wide field of view and help enhance driver comfort, and the power steering system (EPS) is standard to reduce driving burdens, especially when maneuvering on narrow roads. Additional features also include a manually controlled air conditioning system, electric door locks, electric windows, a remote control door lock device, dedicated door and assist handles, and an electrical socket for charging 12-volt and 120-watt appliances.

Easy to download

The availability of the new Toyota “Lite Ace” vehicle is very easy during loading and unloading goods, thanks to the wide tailgate and its low ground height of 620 mm. and ease even in confined spaces. When the front seats are occupied, the maximum length of the cargo compartment is 2,075 mm, 1,305 mm high, and 1,495 mm wide. The cargo area has been designed in a square shape to take advantage of the corners and the possibility of loading goods directly, whether it is boxes, long items, furniture, or other large-sized goods.

97 HP Engine

To provide a dynamic driving experience, the new Toyota Light Ace is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 97 horsepower and a maximum torque of 134 Nm, and is powered by Dual VVT-i intelligent variable valve timing technology. Helps optimize intake and exhaust valve timing for exceptional performance and responsive driving conditions. The engine of the new vehicle is mated to either a 5-speed manual transmission or an advanced 4-speed automatic transmission, in order to provide a smooth transmission experience, with high fuel efficiency.

Safety top priority

As is the case with all Toyota vehicles, safety remains a top priority in the new Toyota “Lite Ace”, as the strength of its structure has been enhanced through the use of steel that is characterized by high tensile strength, and the new vehicle enjoys a range of safety features to provide maximum protection for driver and passengers, including two SRS front airbags; Vehicle Stability Control System (VSC); anti-lock braking system «ABS»; the system of alert in cases of sudden stop «ESS»; In addition to the Tire Pressure Alert System (TPWS), and other safety features.

The new Light Ace is available in two exterior colors for the body, which are mica silver metallic and white, while the seats come in a dark gray color, and the vehicle is equipped with 14-inch alloy wheels.

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