Auto Al-Sayer: We are keen to bring about positive changes in society

Al-Sayer: We are keen to bring about positive changes in society

Al-Sayer Group Holding Technical Training Center organized a workshop on hybrid and electric cars for teachers of the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with Engie Solutions, a company specialized in the field of sustainable energy solutions, on the grounds of the Al-Sayer multi-purpose hall in Ardiya.

ENGIE Solutions experts reviewed the unique technologies and capabilities of EVBox, an advanced and integrated electric vehicle charging platform that combines charging station technologies, software and related services in one place.

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The workshop witnessed a variety of training activities with the participation of 87 male and female teachers, and reviewed the latest emerging technologies in the field of hybrid and electric cars, emphasizing the importance of spreading and adopting these technologies around the world soon, to enable the path of sustainable low-carbon growth for current and future generations, in line with the 2030 sustainable development goals, and in line with With the vision of Kuwait 2035.

Member of the Executive Board of Directors and Head of the Sustainability Committee at Al-Sayer Holding, Mohamed Nasser Al-Sayer, said that organizing these advanced technical workshops and sharing the latest and most advanced technologies in the automotive sector with teachers in the Ministry of Education comes within the group’s main goal to make positive changes that affect various aspects of The lives of stakeholders, affirming the efficiency of alternative products in terms of fuel consumption, promoting innovative environmentally friendly products, such as hybrid and electric technologies with low-emission mobility solutions, and promoting sustainable practices at all levels, with the aim of addressing pressing global challenges such as climate change and the depletion and degradation of natural resources.

In turn, the general director of practical studies in the Ministry of Education, Engineer Kifah Ibrahim Jamsheer, praised the importance of this event, pointing out that “Al-Sayer Holding” plays a very important role that is evident through its tireless pursuit of community service in the economic, social and cultural fields, and its keenness to cooperate closely with the Ministry to prepare and implement Training workshops for male and female teachers in the field of hybrid and electric cars.

For his part, General Manager of ENGIE Solutions Kuwait, Yassin Lafahayel, said, “We look at the transportation sector as one of the main areas of development, as it stands behind an estimated 23% of the total carbon dioxide emissions around the world. It is very dependent on oil.

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